The Latest Kitchen Design Trends 2014

When it comes to home renovation there is no single room of the home that is more consistently updated and trendy than the kitchen. With the proliferation of television shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules as well as the meteoric rise of celebrity chefs including Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, the kitchen has become a place where people congregate, laugh, drink, eat, and discuss food and ideas!

With the rise in popularity and engagement of the kitchen space has come an arms race between kitchen appliance and fitting manufacturers, designers and builders to turn the kitchen space into a fully functional and stylish space that can be the envy of anyone's neighbourhood.

This article will look at the latest must-have items for 2014 for anyone looking to make their kitchen a space for food culture and laughter.

What are the latest trends in kitchen design?

Here are the top ten kitchen design trends for 2014;

Apron front sinks- Apron front sinks are farmhouse style sinks that give a traditional and old school vibe to any kitchen environment. The apron front sink is easily recognised by its deep basin and large apron like panel that sits out from cabinetry in a stylish and evocative manner.

Island benches- Island benches are perhaps the most popular element in kitchen design for 2014, functional and stylish, these benches promote greater interaction in the kitchen while also providing you with great use of space. A must-have for just about any kitchen remodel.

Breakfast bar- Breakfast bars are a great addition to any kitchen, simple and effective, space saving and savvy, these little beauties are great for people looking for a little change without a lot of investment. A great way to make your kitchen feel like new for less.

Dishwasher drawers- Dishwasher drawers are the new way to wash dishes in a highly convenient and stylish manner. Easy to use, easy to stack, and easy to remove clean dishes, these little beauties will become the new standard in 2014.

Natural kitchens- Natural wood panelling is becoming a great way to give your kitchen a beautiful European flair, top it off with an apron front sink and you will have a kitchen fit for use in the old country.

Glass splashbacks- If you're someone who is sick of scrubbing tiles and grout to remove passata stains and oil messes then you will definitely want to consider the benefits of a glass splashback for your food prep areas. Smart and stylish designs for a kitchen with a modern look and feel will fit a glass splashback perfectly.

LED lighting- The perfect fit with modern kitchens is also the perfect lighting option for people with an environmentally conscious outlook on their life. Bright and energy efficient, these lights can add colour and style to any kitchen.

Touch activated taps- These are the next step in technological advancement in the kitchen. By simply touching the sensor the taps will activate, promoting hygiene in the kitchen is a big bonus, also great for when you have your hands full!

Walk-in pantries- The old walk-in pantry is making a comeback. Ideal for great big spaces for your food storage and for those who have bulk orders on fruit and veg.

Integrated appliances- Appliances that appear and reappear from behind panelling is a great way to achieve a smart look for your kitchen.

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