The Magic Moment: Creating The Best Magic Show

Now I don't often talk about magic theory or such esoteric things. I prefer to write about solid marketing stuff, but this is crucial. There is a point in every routine we do where the magic "happens". It may not be, and rarely is, the point where we make the secret move. I'm talking about the point where the magic happens FOR THE AUDIENCE.

I feel a lot of us lose sight of the fact that we are "miracle workers". We're magicians. We do magic.

We don't just do routines, we don't just tell jokes, we don't just have a bunch of cool stuff to show our audiences. We do magic. That's what we're hired to do, that's what our audiences want to see. Sure, there are a million other things that go into it, but this is our primary purpose. I'm guilty of violating this simple fact too, so I am NOT pointing any fingers here.

There are many reasons why we step on this incredibly important moment in our shows. It may be nerves, lack of a script (still amazes me how few magicians work from a script), improper routine structure, multiple layered routines that are just too confusing or even trying to elicit a different response from our audience.

Many times we are trying to deliver a message, hammer home a theme or just get a laugh. But if you do not have a precise magical moment, the point at which the magic actually happens for the audience, than you are not a magician. You are a comedian, a public speaker, a clown or something else. You are not a magician. We see and experience magic all the time, it's common-place for us. It is not common-place for our audiences. It VERY special. And should be treated as such.

Here's an assignment for you: An HONEST Appraisal: Take a serious look at each one of your routines in your show. Not from a performer's viewpoint, but from a laymen's. What is the effect? How would a laymen describe it? If it can't be described in one sentence, your in trouble.

Re-work that routine with a pair of scissors in hand. If it can be described in one sentence, great! Now, take a look at the moment when the magic happens for the audience. How can you make this stronger, clearer and absolutely distinct from the moment prior? This simple exercise can make an incredible difference in your shows! It can even re-ignite your original passion for our art! Give it serious thought and go out and do some MAGIC.

Dennis Regling has written many marketing books and articles for entertainers. Dennis has helped hundreds of magicians, clowns, balloon artists and other entertainers build their business and improve their craft. For more marketing advise and magic books, supplies and videos, go to:
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