The Make It Yourself Food In Appleton

Obviously you can go out to a grocery store with a list and buy all the ingredients that you need to make whatever you desire. Unless you are unable or unwilling to cook, that is. However, I am speaking about a dish that is generally served on multiple dishes, the most important of which is the piping hot skillet that the servers always warn is hot. Look, if the sizzling sound didn't give it away and you need a warning about it, perhaps you should stop here. This exquisite dish may be a bit too advanced for you. I'm joking, of course. Seriously, though, don't touch the sizzling skillet. It will hurt and I bet you'll never touch it again. So you might be asking yourself what this absolutely amazing dish is. If you haven't guessed by now, it is the perfect make-it-yourself dish where you don't actually have to do any cooking...the fajita.

Now why would you want anything that you have to make yourself when the point of going out is to let other people do the work? Simple. The fajita might as well be called a funita because it's fun to assemble. You get to choose what you put on it and in what quantities that you do so. If the first one you make has too much of one thing or another, then on the second you simply change how much. The same goes for the times you don't have enough of something. You are in charge. You can even add or subtract whilst you are eating it. Cool, huh?

The ingredients are pretty straight forward. Being that as it may, there are variations that you might see depending on where you are going to get them. I've gotten them at Mexican restaurants, sports bars, and in pretty common in establishments that serve Latin fusion dining. With as many places that do serve these "some assembly required" delicacies, you'll see a range in quality. I can honestly say that I have ever had what I would consider a good fajita at one sports bar. No, chances are that you'll want to go to a Latin fusion dining locale or a dedicated Mexican place, and no fast food places. That way you can get a true fajita experience.

Maybe you know what I'm talking about. If you also enjoy fajitas, you know that when you find a place that serves the really good ones, that every time you go there, you'll be hard pressed to order anything but them. I'm always telling myself that I am going to try something different every time my family and I go out to a place that serves fajitas, but almost without fail, I order them anyways. There is just something alluring about the complex mix of flavors that you get to combine yourself. Whatever it is, I can't seem to escape the magnetism of a well made fajita.

Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that enjoys Mexican, Latin fusion dining, and loves fajitas.

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