The Many Faces Of Latin Fusion

Latin fusion dining is but one of many things that draws inspiration from Central and South America. There is music, dancing and even workout routines that take their cues from the southern continent .Many variations of fusion cuisine borrow from the culinary styles from central and South America due to the unique flavors that they use in their food. Not to mention some of their cooking techniques that have survived for generations bring a unique sizzle to almost any kind of cuisine. Some of their drink selections also go well with almost any meal.

Latin American music in and of itself draws from a very diverse group of origins. Its sounds are as varied as its origins. Ever hear of salsa, the tango, or samba? Those are just a few examples. Now consider taking these and combining them to create new and fresh sounds and music. Latin fusion dancing is much like their food and their music. It obviously came from the same varied backgrounds and just like the cuisine and music, benefitted from it. The dances evolved as the music did and changed appropriately when the different sounds were fused to create something new.

Why is Latin fusion so popular? I believe it has to do with the fact that geographically speaking, there are many cultural influences in a small area. I also think that these areas are romanticized to such a degree that they are liked universally. At least as far as the music goes. The food may not be as universally loved, but I think that just may be influenced by where people have eaten. You surely can't judge the food by hitting up a fast food joint. It wouldn't do actual Latin fusion dining justice.

The music is fantastic. It has almost an otherworldly and soothing property to it that I can't really describe. It makes sense, though. The people that started the siesta also created the music. I'd imagine that the midday's heat would make most of us want to relax for a bit and perhaps distract ourselves with a calming tune. On the reverse though, the music can be fun and rousing, too. That may be one reason that it works so well for getting you to dance and perhaps even work out a bit.

I don't know for sure why, but it is very clear that Latin fusion dining as well as all the others are popular in many places around the world. If it wasn't, there surely wouldn't be so many different things that pull inspiration from Central and South America. If the world lacked the Latin fusion genre of things, I'd see the world being a little less spicy and a lot less romantic than it is. I for one appreciate the varied cultures and traditions of our planet. I also like it when those things are combined to create new and interesting things for us to experience. We are all a little better for it.

Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that enjoys fusion cuisine because addition is better than subtraction.

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