The Many Moods of the Mighty Colorado

The Colorado River is one of the most majestic and dynamic bodies of water in the country. Each season brings new challenges and experiences to those on the water. Depending on the season, and climate conditions, the river can be extremely calm or quite swift. There is no better way to experience the water for the first time than with a charter rafting trip.

Rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon can be unpredictable because it has more designated levels of rapids than any other river in the world. These runs are rated from one to ten in terms of difficulty. There are more than 100 rapids through the Grand Canyon alone, with 47 of them rated a five or higher. A level one is akin to a small riffle, while a ten is suggested for very experienced adventurers only. The intensity of the run varies with the water level, which, in turn, changes depending on the season. Colorado River rafting in calm, deeper water is a very different experience than rafting the same stretch in low water and tumultuous rapids.

Because of these changes, a professional guide or charter rafting company is an important component for an organized, stress-free trip. Providing safety tips, history of the landscape and nature, these companies also allow visitors to worry about having fun rather than if they have the proper gear for the changing moods of the river.

The Colorado is the main river of the American Southwest. It spans roughly 242,000 square miles of land, beginning as far north as Wyoming, and running through the states of Colorado, Utah, and Arizona before emptying into the Gulf of California. Adventurers can find breathtakingly beautiful stretches of nature, wildlife and ruins that can be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike at almost any point along the water.

The Canyon lands of Utah are a popular destination for charter rafting trips. High speed rafts can take you through the 100 mile Cataract Canyon in just two days. If you prefer a more leisurely pace, you can find floating tours with inflatable kayaks and paddleboats, whose trips begin in Moab, Utah along mild to medium rapids such as Onion Creek, Cloudburst, Ida Gulch, and White's Rapid. If you were to plan the trip during the mid to late summer, you would find class one rapids here. During the spring and early summer however, this same stretch would be more suitable for more experienced rafters.

Whether a first timer or an experienced trekker, the Colorado River offers excitement at every bend. The experienced guides of a charter rafting company will safely guide you and your travel partners through the excitement and challenges unique to this area.

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