The Most Popular Computer Certification Courses

Information technology careers are some of the fastest-growing and most important jobs in today's very competitive job market. But while a degree is needed for most occupations, so is the proper certification. To have an edge over the competition, many students are opting to take computer certification courses while still in school in order to have as many skills as possible to offer employers. However, there are a vast number of these courses available, so knowing which one to take can be confusing. But by doing some research and having an idea of what area of information technology they wish to pursue, students can find themselves with numerous abilities that will lead to plenty of job offers after graduation.

CompTIA A+

Designed for those looking to become PC Service Specialists, CompTIA A+ is the industry standard for this occupation, covering a wide variety of topics including troubleshooting, security issues, installation and preventative maintenance on multiple systems. In addition to the technical subjects, the program also emphasizes communication and customer service skills.


MCSE, which stands for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, has been one of the most popular computer certification courses available for well over a decade. This course trains students in how to design and implement business programming and network solutions to many problems, which may include security or other network issues. Many students take this certification course online, which gives them the opportunity to conduct virtual labs and meet face-to-face with instructors through video chatting to discuss any questions they may have.


The Cisco Certified Network Professional Certification, better known as CCNP, helps a student prepare for careers involving network security and analysis. The course is designed primarily for people who already have at least one year of experience in information technology, but many students take the course and do quite well. The course teaches concepts that allow students to demonstrate their competency in planning, installing, configuring and maintaining both local-area and wide-area networks. Voice, video, security and wireless networks are also covered in this course, and upon completion students are qualified for such positions as network engineers, systems engineers, network technicians and support engineers.

Server Administrator

Students who gain this certification position themselves for careers that involve great levels of responsibility within any computer network. Having this training demonstrates a student can manage directory services, develop and configure servers, monitor firewalls and other levels of protection, troubleshoot system vulnerability scans and much more. Considered to be one type of training that definitely gives people a competitive advantage, it can lead to a job as the head of an IT department or promotion to a senior network engineering position.

Most courses can be taken online or in traditional classrooms. Virtually all colleges and universities offer these courses to students, enabling them to gain as much knowledge as possible prior to leaving school. However, many people who are already employed can also take advantage of these opportunities. Employers often provide these courses on-site, and in many cases will pay for the courses themselves in order to motivate employees to gain certification. Whatever area of information technology a person is interested in pursuing, the opportunities presented make the hard work involved well worth the effort. Whether a college student or an employee, computer certifications provide great ways to get ahead.

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