The Police State Designed To Maintain The Status Quo

There are indeed enough online YouTube posts showing evidence of unscrupulous police violence and extreme pettiness to watch for months and months on end. Not just in the USA and the UK it's going on worldwide.

This and the related encroaching mass surveillance makes it seem like there's almost a law against anything. The forever increasing rules, regulations and laws purposely ties in to the tyrannical global network of control.

Besides the police violence take a look at the related government administration mentality. Look at how many of the administrators are so dogmatic running their rigid rules on us...

-The reason for all this is Agenda 21. It's the systematic turning of the police as we know them into the military for controlling us and maintaining the status quo.

Over recent years we have seen how police recruitment has been slanted on recruiting individuals with type-A personalities, narcissistic and psychopathic behavioural patterns... -This why it has been said that more and more good cops are disappearing from the force.

They are getting replaced by the likes of police who for instance pepper spray seated non-violent protesters, or those who taser children such as a 10 year old boy at a day centre in Indiana without having to take any consequences. Then there is a police weapon that can blind non-compliant citizens for 15 minutes...

The madness goes on. There's a system that's been introduced for a while called 1033. It's a system whereby consistent with the totalitarian state more and more weapons are given to the police through the government approval of increased funding for all things military.

Even in non-threatening situations the powers that be want to see a police military presence so that we get used to it in our communities, as like I've said, consistent with Agenda 21. The military presence is even extending more and more into school policing.

Do you think that the growing militarized police presence is here to protect our freedom? Of course it isn't, it's here to take away our freedom and the foreboding militarized police are the real terrorists.

Those in the police force able to think with their hearts have to realize that they are part of the 99 odd percent that make up we-the-people. How do you think things will turn out for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren if you don't do anything about this? Indeed, the same goes for the rest of us:

As the saying goes, every great atrocity is the result of people following orders.

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