The Red Flag on Over-Crowded Web Hosting Servers

Have you ever experienced problems accessing a frequently visited website due to low bandwidth? Chances are that website may have been stored on an over-crowded web server. You would not want that to happen on your own site for sure. But how do you know if your site is hosted on a congested location? What are the risks of unknowingly running your site on a clogged up hosting?

To better understand the risks, it is imperative to know the ABCs of hosting. There are two types of a web hosting service as there are two ways of purchasing a web host. You may have already heard of such term as web host reseller. The truth is resellers do not have the necessary hardware and physical facility under their roof. The servers they offer to you come from the hosting companies. Resellers and hosting companies are the two ways of purchasing a web host. The two types of hosting accounts are dedicated servers and virtual servers.

The account type, likeliest, that you get from a reseller is a virtual server. Here is the difference: websites stored on dedicated servers have their own machine or hardware. Websites running on virtual servers share with plenty of other websites in a singular hardware. Sharing space, memory and other hardware resources with other website is a huge culprit behind website crashing. A virtual server, thus, is subject to overcrowding.

The risks are known. Aside from potential crashing, your website's files could be deleted to oblivion. Your website may be also at risk of being flagged with malicious content, especially if there are other malicious websites sharing with you on the same server. Search engines will skip indexing your site, if they find out you have the same IP address with an adult portal.

Going for a dedicated server however does not guarantee you of freedom from similar dangers. Every one knows the benefits of going for a reseller hosting, one of that is cheap price.

To avoid the perils of overcrowded web hosting servers, you may go for a dedicated server package; some resellers might even offer a dedicated server. If budget is a concern, since dedicated hosting are pretty expensive, look for hosting resellers that are reliable and known for their trustworthiness. Just remember that you are building a reputable business that will be online for millions to see. You want the best foundation you can possibly get so as not to present the wrong impression. A slip up on a minor mistake could be very unforgiving to say the least and off line word of mouth could be incredibly damaging to your brand. Avoiding the most minimal of mistakes can be the difference between success and down right utter failure before you even start. Do your due diligence and thoroughly evaluate every nook and cranny of all options. Although this may take some time to do to get a real sense of all the features a web hosting service provides, it will most certainly prevent major headaches in the long run and ultimately save you time and a ton of money.

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