The Rise Of Gluten Free Dining In Appleton

With the restaurant business being one of the hardest businesses to be successful in, many restaurant owners look for niche markets and rising fads in order to become successful. Ultimately, many of these dining styles fade in popularity almost as quickly as they capture people's imagination, leaving restaurant owners and chefs to search for new ways to make their casual fine dining restaurants profitable. One dining trend that has caught on and shows no sign of slowing down, however, is gluten free dining. Because of how popular it has become, gluten free dining in Appleton is easier to find that one might think.

Part of the reason that this trend is one that is holding on is because for some people, it is not a fancy new diet they want to try but a medical change they need to make. Celiac disease is when a person has an adverse reaction to gluten. While some people may demonstrate what is known as a gluten allergy and show symptoms of gastric distress and painful bloating and gas, people suffering from Celia disease are not able to properly digest food because of the gluten's effect on their body. This means they do not get all of the vitamins and minerals from the food they are eating, leading to malnutrition, and also suffer irreparable damage to their intestines.

Although gluten is a naturally occurring set of proteins found in wheat and wheat products such as flour and dough, many experts believe that the dramatic rise of people suffering from Celiac disease comes from the fact that many industrial farms are breeding their wheat to grow faster and be more resilient to both pesticides and pests. Unfortunately a by-product of this genetic manipulation is an increased presence of gluten in the wheat, making people more susceptible to suffering Celiac disease and other gluten allergies.

There is no known cure for Celiac disease, which means the only way people can treat it is to partake in a gluten free diet. This means not only avoiding anything with wheat in it, it also means steering clear of many processed foods that use gluten as an additive. Gluten helps to thicken food and give it an elasticity - it is the primary reason dough is so stretchy and yet unbreakable - and food manufacturers use it in many of their products.

One style of gluten free dining in Appleton that has proved to be very popular is Latin fusion cooking. Latin fusion food relies heavily on fresh ingredients to begin with, with a focus on fruit and vegetables as well as chicken, steak and seafood. Additionally, the grain that is used in making the side dishes and tortillas is corn and not wheat. This means that if you are looking for gluten free dining in Appleton, a Latin fusion restaurant will have the most dishes for you to choose from.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has been covering the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years.

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