The Science of Fitness

Your body is a living machine that has a fuel source as well as maintenance needs. Like the engine of your vehicle, if you don't keep your body's engine well maintained, it will break down and much like the cost of a vehicle repair, it will take a big bite out of your pocketbook when that happens. Trainers and such whose living depends on keeping those machines well maintained understand the mechanics or science of it. There is a fitness center in Miami that has developed a specific method to getting your body's engine purring like a kitten after some time of neglect. It takes some time and dedication, but the end result will be worth it.

When you eat, you are fueling your body. The food turns into energy and that is used for everything from basic body functions such as breathing to more intense activities such as running or weight lifting. When you do not burn the energy you have taken in, the body stores it as fat. It is like a reserve tank on a vehicle. The excess sits in the tank until it needs to be used. While this is good for a vehicle, it is not so good for the body. That excess fuel can slow down the mechanics of the system. The heart and muscles work less efficiently and require more oxygen which is not pumped through the engine well enough creating problems such as high blood pressure. Most of us have sit-down jobs that require little physical activity, therefore the excess fat isn't likely to be burned. To help us, we need to work out. There is a fitness center in Miami that fully understands the entire process and has developed a technique that helps eliminate the excess fat while retraining the entire body's engine to run more efficiently and to take in less fuel.

This fitness center in Miami has the tools and trainers, or mechanics if you will, that are equipped to handle your body's engine. They can help you assess the situation and then work with you toward a solution. Their intense training program will help you choose better fuel sources. The trainers at this fitness center in Miami will help you work out the kinks in your engine so the oxygen that is needed to strengthen your heart, flex your blood vessels and improve the efficiency of your engine can flow better.

This fitness center in Miami has a slew of trainers with a wealth of knowledge. They will help you understand that as you begin your workout routine you will begin slowly and there will be some pain. The saying "no pain, no gain" is not lost on them. They are experienced and the best at what they do. And what they do is get your engine back in good working order.

Jen Calvin would like to visit this fitness center in Miami to participate in the intense reprogramming of her brain and body.

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