The Secret Innovation That Can Change Your Life

What if I told you that there was something out there that could change everything about your life for the better? That if you were to embrace this innovation and use it to tap into your potential, you could create amazing new products, and make your inventor dreams come true and become a pioneer? You would probably think I was crazy, or one of those inscrutable ads that show up along your news feed that promise weight loss, hair growth or so many other things. There is a difference. This innovation is like the Palmolive of the 21st century. It is the internet, and you are already using it.

Now, when I say the internet can change your life and make your dreams come true, I am not talking about allowing you to watch videos of kittens all day long. I mean that today it is easier to create startup companies than it has ever been before. At your fingertips are resources that previous innovators and inventors had to spend months and years putting together before they could hope to get their business off the ground. Everything they had to do - acquire capital, find real estate, hire a staff, create a product, arrange advertising and promotion - you can do from right where you sitting.

A perfect example of just how powerful a tool the internet is when it comes to startup companies is to show how it revolutionized one of the oldest businesses in the world: publishing. Instead of being the death knell for books and periodicals, it has instead opened up the world of publishing to thousands of people, because it has eliminated almost all of the risk. Instead of having to pre-print thousands of copies of books and hope there are people out there who will read them, today's author can find his target audience, market directly to them and print their books on demand. If computers and the internet can do this for a business that it was, in a sense, designed to replace, just think what it can do for a business that it is built to enhance.

Once upon a time, every business was a startup company, and most of them were at a competitive disadvantage. The companies that exist today from a hundred years ago represent only a fraction of the businesses that were in the field. Today's startup companies have a far greater chance of success because they can find the exact field where their product fits a need. Today is the day that your dream becomes a reality, that you go from being a thinker to a doer, and that you unleash your inventions and innovations to the world. But do not just sit there, because your competitor has the same advantages you are, and they are not going to wait. Jack Terry is a freelance writer and blogger who focuses on technology, startups and the emerging marketplace of the 21st century.

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