The Simple Explanation of Autism Spectrum Disorder

The simple explanation of Autism Spectrum Disorder is, people who have autism, can have a variety of symptoms. What are these symptoms? Some will have mild symptoms and others will have serious symptoms

Most autistic children behave in an unusual way. Some express their behavior with anger outbursts, tantrums, slow in learning, which causes slow intellectual abilities, repetitive behavior, spatial staring, not formulating sentences to ask for what they want, some do not like loud noises, bright colors and get overwhelmed if they get out of their routine, which make it hard for them to adjust to new tasks and changes. There are various degrees of this disorder and affects different ages.

The other simple explanation of Autism Spectrum Disorder is, that it is still being researched, but for now, experts believe and seem to agree the cause is more genetic than other causes. There has been updated research completed and scientists have inklings that a gene which is not functioning properly might also cause autism. Of course, there are other determined factors involved that could cause autism. For example, lack of oxygen at birth, chemical imbalances, viruses or chemicals in the blood, lacking a healthy nutrition during pregnancy.

There is another simple explanation of Autism Spectrum Disorder that needs to be addressed. Infants, do not cuddle, do not like affection, avoid eye contact. Some do not smile or lift their arms to be picked up. They do not want to learn childhood games and activities that involve participation with other children. In addition, as these children get older, they may develop an area that produces strong strengths. For example, they may be strong in music, art, memory, mathematics, or in reading. This usually occurs in one area, but other areas, they do not function or adjust to new challenges that are given to them.

If you have a concern and think your child may have autism, with problems in one of the areas of communication, socialization or restricted behavior before the age of three, it is best to have your child checked by an expert doctor in this field and have your child take a developmental screening test. If your doctor sees results from the test, that there are possible indicators to be autism, then it is wise to further the evaluation.

Do research on Autism Spectrum Disorder, if you have any thoughts or clues that your child could have autism. You can do this and learn about this topic by going to the internet, asking your qualified doctor questions and networking with other parents who have children with this disorder. By taking this action, you will gain knowledge and have a simple explanation of this disorder.

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