The Super Bowl is The Perfect Time to Try Fusion Foods

The Super Bowl is a huge event in the United States that breeds a lot of drinking and eating. There is no way around this event because every single bar and restaurant in the country will be throwing parties to see who wins the biggest football game of the entire year. This game makes a lot of money for local businesses, the teams playing in the game and food and beverage distributors all over the nation. Although the game may not be for another several months, there is no doubt many fusion restaurants and bars are planning ahead to see how they can stand out from the numerous other venue options for customers to watch this game.

If your restaurant is not a fusion restaurant, this is a great time to try some new menu options to see how people like them. Fusion food is on the rise and it is usually pretty easy to incorporate some of these foods on your menu even if it is just for a single night. Chips and dip are typically on every restaurant's menu and is a very easy and quick menu option. People will want to graze throughout this game so dips with chips are a great way for people to snack on several different kinds of dips without spending a fortune. Guacamole is always popular along with salsa and cheese dip. If your restaurant has a specific theme then try to incorporate this into the dish as well.

Another quick and easy dish to serve on Super Bowl Sunday is the quesadilla. This can be easily turned into a fusion dish because it is strictly up to you what goes in the inside of it! You can mix and match and try out new combinations and poll the audience as they are snacking. Just make sure you do not interrupt some people watching the game and the commercials! Many people watch the Super Bowl only for the commercials! A quesadilla can be shared at a group table which makes it the perfect snack food for a game of this caliber.

No matter what you end up serving on Super Bowl Sunday, make sure you keep everyone's safety in mind. If you notice a patron becoming a little intoxicated, make sure you offer them some food and water so they can finish out the game without getting sick. They should also have a ride or call a cab!

Lizz Taylor is a freelance writers that specializes in fast cars, fine wine and casual fine dining.

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