The Truth About The Michael Jackson Hologram Show 2014 Billboard Awards

It was June 25th 2009 when Michael Jackson aka the king of pop at 50 years old came to an untimely end, just before the O2 comeback tour 'This Is It.' Indeed there has been plentiful publication out there covering the suspicious circumstances surrounding Michael's death. Whether it is speculation or fact you can draw your own conclusions.

It has to be said however, some pretty strange things happened before and after his death. Before the embarkation of the O2 tour his health came into question; whether or not he would be able to get through the gruelling schedule and handle the pressures...

At a financial low, one of his family members made the comment that he was worth more dead than alive. A comment like that is bound arouse suspicion. Then there was the apparent major 'slip up' by his brother Jermaine during an interview rousing more suspicion suggesting that Michael was still alive and had been secretly flown out of the country... Like I said I will leave you to draw your own conclusions. Having said that, will we ever know?

One thing for sure Michael had been quite vocal, expressing dissatisfaction over the 'evils of the music industry.' Then it looked like he was planning going on talks to expose the elite hidden powers that be with their conspiracies planned to achieve global domination...

Fast forward to recent times, last Sunday we had the 2014 Billboard Awards staged at Las Vegas. Indeed, the king of pop was back, this time in holographic form. The 'evils of the music industry' were demonstrated again by exploiting Michael's image. Still Michael hasn't got away from the elite hidden powers that be controlled music industry and certain connected individuals he so loathed.

Ironically, the song performed was 'Slave to Rhythm' taken from the posthumous album entitled 'Xscape.' Ironic because it was the music industry that had directly and indirectly sealed his inescapable fate.

The performance

On watching the performance I was truly taken aback. The performance had all the hallmarks of the elite hidden powers that be, indicating they had staged it. It starts off with a row of policemen fully clad in riot gear. With helicopters heard and spotlights giving us the impression of an oppressive police state scenario, there's no doubt that this is typical of other elite controlled music industry ideas. It has been the fashion for while.

Then, centre stage, surrounding Michael's holographic projection sat at a throne is a number of occult symbols signifying the control of the elite hidden powers that be. I found the whole thing very strange: Then Michael's ghost figure gets up and starts singing and dancing...

When Michael sits down on the throne again the audience start to clap and cheer. Okay, the audience are aware that Michael died some years ago and that they're expressing their appreciation to a ghost, but I wondered how many knew about the hidden hand controlling the settings and their awful planned agenda.

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