The Types Of Shoulder Holster Options Available On The Market

With U.S. Department of Justice studies reporting thousands of injuries and deaths each year due to violent crime, more and more people are concerned with their personal safety, and considering buying a handgun, shoulder holster, and other items to protect themselves. If you are also considering buying a gun holster, there is a wide selection of styles, options, and features to choose from on the market.

The three most common types of shoulder holsters are the vertical, horizontal, and chest holster. Each one is designed for a different purpose, and works well when used within its design parameters.

The vertical holster is the kind seen in detective shows that most people associate with a shoulder holster. To allow the user easy access to the handgun, a harness holster holds the gun against the torso of their non-dominant side, with the barrel pointing down and butt facing out. This type of holster is designed for long barrel, semi-automatic handguns, and other large handguns.

A horizontal shoulder holster holds the gun horizontal to the under arm of the user, with the barrel facing behind them, and the butt of the gun facing forward. It also usually has a pocket on the opposite side to hold an extra clip. This is the more easily concealed
holsters, and more comfortable than its vertical counterpart.

A chest holster, unlike the previous two styles, has one belt styled strap that goes around the user's torso, and another that attaches at the back, and then crosses over one shoulder to meet the center of the belt in the front. The gun holster sits in the front, where they connect, and the gun barrel points away from the user's dominant side.

Because the harness straps of a shoulder holster disperse the weight of the gun across the wearer's body rather than on one hip, it is more comfortable than a belt holster, or other styled holster. It is also more convenient to access than a belt harness for people who tend to wear clothing, like long winter jackets, or who sit down during the day. Women also tend to find it more comfortable, and easier to conceal, since it doesn't catch on purses and other items.

There are several other holster styles available in addition to these, including the iwb holster (which goes inside the waistband), and the owb holster (which goes outside the waistband). If a shoulder holster is not quite what you have in mind, research these as well.

There are also many online sources, each containing additional information on selecting shoulder holster. If you want to know more about this type of product please, visit this blog.

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