The Various Types Of IT Certifications

Information technology is a career field that requires continuing education on a regular basis. For those who wish to obtain career advancement, gaining IT certifications in various areas is a must for being able to climb the career ladder. Gaining these certifications is often the difference between being a person who can handle only the most basic IT problems or becoming a specialist in various types of computer networks used by companies for their databases. To obtain these certifications, a combination of work experience and study is required.

The most popular certifications obtained by today's IT professionals are based on the Microsoft Server platform, and focus primarily on Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003 Servers. These certifications have been in existence for well over a decade, making them some of the most enduring certifications available for IT professionals. The two most common certifications obtained are the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, with the MCSE certification being the most requested certification in the United States. Two other certifications, the Microsoft Certified IT Professional and the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, have been introduced for Windows Server 2008 and are quickly gaining in popularity.

Cisco also offers various types of IT certifications for those wanting to specialize in setting up medium to large networks. One aspect of these certifications that many employers like is that they also offer specialized training in cyber-security and wireless networking. People who obtain these certifications are able to build sophisticated networks and have the skills needed to maintain them. The most common Cisco certification is the Cisco Certified Network Professional, or CCNP. This certification consists of a series of three exams, all of which must be passed in succession in order to gain the certification.

Apple has many lesser certifications available to IT workers, but its two major ones are in high demand by many employers, especially those in the publishing and design fields. The Apple Certified Trainer and the Apple Certified Macintosh Technician certifications are sought after by those wanting to specialize in Apple technology. Both of these certifications go well beyond basic Apple technology, allowing a person to focus on such areas as directory services, sound and image editing and training the trainer. Many people who achieve these certifications spend much of their time traveling from business to business, teaching other IT professionals the many intricacies of Apple networks.

In addition to certifications from Microsoft, Cisco and Apple there are others that can be gained independently. The most common independent certifications include the Project Management Professional and the Certified Information Systems Security Professional certifications. People who wish to seek these certifications should make sure they work with accredited programs to ensure they are gaining certifications that will be recognized and accepted by most employers. Most people who gain these certifications do so through IT departments of colleges and universities or through their current employer.

With many aspects of information technology constantly changing, the need for workers certified in specific areas of computer networking is growing more every day. As more companies put an increased emphasis on network security, databases will become extremely complex to build and manage. IT professionals who possess the necessary certifications will be able to understand what is needed within these networks, making them invaluable employees to their organizations.

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