The Versatility Of Sangrias And Margaritas

Sangrias and margaritas are often associated with the warm summer months. They are both well received when served cold and are quite refreshing. They are also great with almost any meal and serve as a go-to drink for socializing. Obviously, margaritas can be consumed at any time of the year as can sangrias, but sometimes in the dead of winter after a cold drive home or a day outside with the kids, a warm beverage is just what will hit the spot.

I've never seen or heard about warm margaritas and it seems all kinds of wrong even to contemplate. However, sangrias can easily be adapted to warm your chilled bones. There are many different recipes for warm sangria out there in the world but they all share the same base drink and only the spices and/or fruit will differ. Ultimately the differences between the recipes come down to your own personal preferences as to what fruit to add. This will obviously change the flavor profile of the drink in some subtle and not so subtle ways.

Another key difference is how much syrup you use to thicken it up. You wouldn't really want a super thin drink especially if you are suffering from a cold. So the thicker it is, the better it coats your throat on the way down. You could probably find recipes with ingredients that can help open up your airways or maybe help you fall asleep. Also by thickening the drink, you are adding density to it thus allowing it to retain its warmth for a longer period of time. Just be careful how thick you make it because at a certain point, it will lose its refreshing attributes and become too much like a Bailey's Irish Cream or the like. Though good, especially with coffee, it lacks a refreshing quality and rather makes one thirsty. At least it does for me.

So if this winter you find yourself chilled and you like hot ciders, then perhaps try a warm/hot sangria. Otherwise you could just drink margaritas until you can't feel the cold anymore. I guess you could try a warm margarita. Let me know how that one turns out, but it just seems wrong to me.

My point being that many things that we think we know for one thing or another is only a matter of preconceived notions and personal preferences. Almost anything can be altered in such a way that it is useful at all times of the year. Like sangrias and margaritas. They aren't only summer drinks, you just think they are. So go ahead and try a warm glass of sangria. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Don't try a warm margarita, they're pretty much perfect just the way they are. Not to mention it would be weird. However, if you can prove me wrong, then by all means do so.

Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that needs hot beverages like warm sangrias, not margaritas, to make it through winter in the Midwest.

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