The Work Done By A Level 2 Electrician

There are many tasks which can be carried out by an electrician both within and outside the building. Due to the wide variety of jobs that can be performed, an electrician can decide to specialize in some specific areas.

Electrical work is very sensitive because of the risks that are involved and for this reason electricians are accredited depending on their training. This means that there are certain tasks that can only be done by authorized electricians. Usually, accredited electricians fall between level 1 to 3, and the tasks performed by a level 2 electrician are clearly defined.

The Levels Of Accreditation

An electrician that is accredited is known as an accredited service provider (ASP). A level 1 electrician is one who is authorized to work overhead and also underground using polymeric and paper lead. A level 3 electrician is authorized to design both overhead and underground systems.

A level 2 electrician on the other hand is authorized to disconnect and reconnect your property from the electricity network. They can also install a service line overhead or underground in order to connect your property to the electricity network. He can repair these service lines and install a basic meter. An electrician can apply for any level of accreditation as long as they meet the minimum requirements.

Emergency Electrician

An electric fault that is not attended to promptly can result in a fire which can end up causing extensive damage to property and which can even lead to the loss of life. If you notice that there is an electric fault in your property, you should switch off the power at once. You can then call an emergency electrician who will come over to your property as soon as possible. The electrician will first work on ensuring that he gets rid of all the risks before getting down to finding out the real cause of the problem.

When To Contact An Emergency Electrician

It is important to call an electrician immediately you find wires which are exposed. In case the wires in your home are covered in cloth then an electrician will be needed to redo the wiring safely. If when using your switches they feel warm or you feel a slight shock, then it is time to call in an electrician.

You should also get your system checked if your lights dim whenever you plug in appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners which need a lot of power. This situation can cause damage to your electric equipment. If a water pipe leaks and you suspect that the water may have reached your wiring, this should be considered an emergency and you should have your system checked.

Selecting The Right Electrician

Most electricians prefer to specialize in a certain area - there are those who mainly work on commercial buildings, others work on new constructions while others prefer to do maintenance work. You therefore need to call an electrician that will offer you the specific electric service that you require.

It is important to ensure that the electrician who connects your property to the electricity network is accredited as a level 2 electrician. This means that he has the required skills to safely carry out the work.

Simba Marara is part of a skilled team of level 2 electricians at Wire In Electrical who have the necessary experience to offer you the best electrical services.

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