Things That You Cannot Host With Your Web Hosting Provider

Hosting your website seems pretty easy. Sometimes you may unknowingly or knowingly be hosting content which is violative of your contract with the hosting company. This means that your account maybe suspended or terminated and you may also be liable for prosecution under the law, if the content is illegal. This article deals with certain things that you just should not be hosting with your web hosting provider.

Pirated Software, Movies, Games, Songs etc.

Thinking about peddling material which infringes copyrights? Think again. Most hosts will disable your account for publishing or hosting infringing content. Most hosts will not take down content just because a person claims the copyright to be theirs, but a court order against the content provider will definitely be taken seriously by any host. Since a host cannot act on their own and disconnect the services of a paying customer, they may require an order from a court or from a government authority or law enforcement agency, directing them to suspend or terminate their services to the infringer. All hosts add this to their terms of service, that you will not indulge in hosting of copyrighted material.

Malicious Software

Hosting of software which harms people or steals their data can lead to severe repercussions. If an alert is triggered at the hosts end, or they receive a complaint, they may also suspend the account pending investigation, because malware is likely to affect their hosting servers as well as the entire network. Usually hosting servers are regularly scanned for malware and viruses, but the infections are either cleaned or quarantined. Only when there is a repeated or chronic issue is the account of the client suspended or terminated.


Almost all hosts refuse to allow the hosting of torrent files. This is mainly due to the fact that torrent hosting is affected by massive fluctuations in resources and mainly comprises of illegal or copyrighted data flowing through it. There are special hosts that host "Seed Boxes" for torrents, i.e they allow you to host torrent files which are publicly accessible, but most of these services charge a very high price and offer poor services. After all, even they realize the how unfeasible that business is.

Mass Mailing Scripts

A sure shot way of getting booted from a hosting server is by sending out spam mail on a regular basis. Most hosts will give a warning to a user that violates their anti-spam policy and sends out junk mail. Thereafter, upon the next violation they will just terminate the account. This is mainly due to the fact that the entire shared IP Address being used for mailing services maybe blacklisted and will earn a bad reputation which maybe difficult to wipe off.

Adult Content

Some hosts allow adult content to be hosted on their servers, but provided that there is strict compliance with the pornography and child abuse laws of that area. Hosting of pornographic material in violation with the terms of the web host will definitely get you into trouble. Apart from removing your content, in some jurisdictions web hosts have a duty to inform the authorities of any illegal activity taking place through their servers. If they do not report to the authorities and have knowledge of such illegal activities, they themselves may become liable for prosecution for abetting the crime.

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