Throwing A Party With The Lift Of A Finger

Aaaaah, the good old days, when throwing a party meant making sure we had enough chips, ice and plastic cups, and telling all of our friends that it was B.Y.O.B. Unless you are still in college, those days are long behind us, but as hosting a party has become more complex, it does not mean it has to be any more difficult or stressful. In fact, with the right catering company, it is possible to throw an exceptional party simply by lifting a finger.

The first thing everyone does when they are planning a party is figure out what they are going to feed all their guests and how they are going to make that happen in their suddenly small seeming kitchen. A catering company has all of the resources they need to make the food when it has to be made where they have to make it. They have the timing down to ensure that hot food comes out hot and cold food goes out cold.

Once people have that list done, then they start scrounging for enough plates, forks, cups and napkins to serve it all on and with. The catering company has all of those supplies with them, organized and labeled in totes so that when the big day comes, they know exactly where to find it and how many to grab.

During the party, the host who planned their own food will constantly find themselves trying to be in three places at once. A catering company will allow them to be in the one place they need to be: entertaining their guests. They have the proper staff to handle everything from passing out Hors D'oeuvres to clearing plates and trash to washing dishes. That last one is almost like the unsung hero of the catering world, because as the party starts to wind down, the self-serving host will stop thinking about much their guests are having and start thinking about how much back breaking labor is waiting for them in the kitchen.

Ask most anyone who has thrown a party and they will say their favorite part of the night were those fleeting few moments between the last guest leaving and the first dish being washed. With a catering company taking care of the food, those few minutes can turn into a half an hour or more as the host and hostess, along with perhaps a select few guests, enjoy one last drink and the post party quiet of good conversation. All of this can be done simply by lifting a finger, either to dial a phone or click on a website, and arranging for a catering company to take care of it all. The point of a party is for everyone to enjoy themselves, and that goes for the people hosting it as well.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has been covering the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years.

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