Tips And Pointers To Help You Keep Pygmy Goats As Pets

Pygmy goats are very cute and smart, and they make excellent pets; however, there are a few things you need to learn before committing to keeping pygmy goats as pets. In this article, we will share some important information that will help you be a successful goat keeper. Read on to learn more.

Before you ever begin looking for pygmy goats, you must be sure you have a proper environment for them. Many people keep pygmy goats as pets in the house, and this is acceptable. Females and neutered males (wethers) are clean and gentle and can be trained to go outside to do their business; however, goats will be goats, and you can expect a goat to chew on things. It is really better to keep your goats outside. It is a more natural setting for them, and they will be happier.

Even though pygmy goats are small and clean and easy to train and handle, you need to have a sturdily fenced yard. Goats need plenty of room to run around. They like to climb on things, and they are escape artists. You should have a sturdy board fence or a wire fence that build with strong one or two inch mesh. Be sure it is secured to the ground or buried a few inches to prevent your pets from slipping under the fence to go exploring. If you have ornamental plants that you love, be sure to fence them off or your goats will love them, too, and you will never see them again!

Be sure to set up a comfortable, secure, cozy little barn for your pygmy goats. You can purchase a shed kit to build this or design and build it yourself if you are handy. It should be raised off the ground and have sturdy flooring. Buy a stall mat at a feed store and cut it to fit the floor of the barn. This will help keep the barn warm and provide secure footing. You should cover it with straw in the winter for more warmth and to provide your goats with a warm place to sleep.

Goats love to eat all kinds of things, but it is important to feed them properly. Generally speaking, fresh hay and a good brand of pelleted goat food will be adequate for them. They will also enjoy fresh fruits and veggies in moderation. they like scraps such as bread and stale cereal, too. Feed these sparingly. Their main feed should be a well-balanced goat feed. Follow package instructions to feed the right amount.

When you keep pygmy goats as pets, you must remember that they will need vaccinations annually. If you handle your goats a lot and they are very gentle, you can carry them to the small animal vet in airline crates in the back of your car or truck. They will also ride nicely in the back of a station wagon if you put up a barrier to keep them from jumping into the front seat. To load them up, all you have to do is get in yourself. They are sure to follow!

Pygmy goats are friendly and easy to leash train. They are fun to watch and to play with, and you can take them on walks just like a dog. Because they are herbivores, they are much cleaner than a dog, and they are quieter. If you have always had a hankering to farm but don't have a whole lot of space, you may really enjoy keeping pygmy goats as pets.

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