Tips In Cleaning Your Outdoor Deck

Cleaning you deck might be a daunting task. The first thing to consider before cleaning your desk is make sure that the weather will be fair for the whole day. You have to clear your patio of all rubbish and remove furnishings, grill and other outdoor fixtures. This will make it easier for you to clean the flooring and get rid of dust, leaves and other particles. You can keep these things in a temporary storage place.

Sweep the floor thoroughly using an outdoor shop broom prior to applying cleaning chemicals. Use rubber gloves and wear long-sleeve shirts as well as pants as protection. Spray the deck surface with the garden hose. The pressure washer is most effective in removing soiled areas, mud and stubborn stains. Start from one end to the other until you have finished rinsing. Spray between the wooden boards to remove all debris.

You can buy a commercial cleaner from the nearest hardware or home improvement shop. Read the manufacture guidelines to make sure that the detergent is suitable for the wood. It is advisable to buy a non-toxic cleaning substance. Another option is oxygen-based peroxide and water solution. Mix two cups of bleach with one gallon of water. Fill a pail of clean water with the bleach solution before applying on the deck flooring. Once way of cleaning is to scrub manually which will take longer or use a power washer. Apply the formula with a broom or garden sprayer or the power aerosol connected to the tank.

It is not hard to remove staining by using white vinegar or apple cider. It is effective in eliminating molds and mildew. This can also emphasize the wood's shiny finish. This can be done easily by spraying the deck with vinegar and letting it stand for some time before rinsing. You can see the sheen of the wood after performing this process.

Allow the deck to dry naturally. This is the easiest part especially during the summer months. Replace all the furniture and grill after the surface is completely dry. You can do some finishing touches by wiping the floor with a dry rag. Some of the fundamental gear that you will need for this task consists of the following: outdoor broom; scouring brush; dust pan and plastic garbage bag; garden hose with nozzle for spraying or pressure washer; cleaning substance (natural or commercial product); clean water; and, bucket.

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