Tips on How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

When it comes to heart disease prevention, there are a lot of different steps that can be taken. There's also a lot of different causes for heart disease; one of the biggest is high cholesterol. Most people don't realize that there is bad and good cholestorol. You want to lower your LDL, not your HDL. Keep that in mind, so you know which is which when you head to those doctor appointments and they throw those letters around.

To take the steps to lower cholesterol naturally, there are many things you can do. Exercise is the most apparent but also most affective thing to do for heart disease prevention. Keeping your heart physically active and healthy is important; it strengthens the muscle and keeps disease at bay. Even if it's just 30 minutes of cardio 2-3 times a week, it's going to be a big change for your body, in the most positive way. Another way to lower cholesterol naturally is to look at your intake. It's best to avoid saturated fat and add more fiber and fish into your diet. If you aren't one who enjoys seafood, you can still get in the health benefits of fish by daily taking an omega 3 supplement. Lots of high quality vitamins and supplements can keep your heart healthy. You just need to make sure you keep a schedule with when you take them, whether it's every morning or every night before bed. Make it a priority so it doesn't slip your mind, or set an alarm to remind you.

Drinking green tea is also proven to show benefits for heart health. Drink it as an alternative to soda or other sugary drinks and let the compounds in it do its work. It's been shown that it lowers LDL cholesterol in both humans and animals. So, stocking up on green tea for the kitchen is a great idea. Keep away from harmful habits like smoking. If you are a smoker, now is the time to quit. Not only is it a major risk for heart disease, but it also lowers your HDL, which is your good cholesterol. There's no time like today to take the steps to drop such a habit. Lowering your cholesterol is easy to do if you take the right steps. It's worth the added effort to avoid scary future health problem, so you can live a long and healthy life. You've only got one heart, so take care of it now.

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