Tips to Building a Wooden Fence Gate

The gate is one of the most vital components of a woodedn fence. There is nothing more unappealing than a perfectly stunning wooden fence than a warped or sagging gate.

Often, gates are the most challenging part of a wooden fence, as you need to be spot on in terms of the measurements, and you usually need an extra pair of hands to help you hang the gate on the fence posts. If you're a certified DIYers and you've never constructed a gate before, check out the following helpful tips to building a wooden fence gate:

Set the Point of Entry

Before building a wooden fence and gate, first you have to set the opening for where the gate will go. Many DIY enthusiasts often measure and then mark the whole property line without taking into account where their gate will be placed, then at the near enf of the building process, they'll realize that the area for the gate is either too wide or too narrow. Setting the opening first means that you will know exactly how wide your gate will be and how much material you will need for constructing the gate.

It's typically recommended that the area for the gate be not wider that 4 feet for a single gate. If it's goes beyond this, you'll need to build a double gate that meets in the middle.

Use the Right Materials to Build a Wooden Fence Gate

Whether you are building a new fence gate with a new fence or replacing an existing a wooden fence gate, create a checklist of the fencing materials and tools you will need to construct a gate.

These are some of the most common tools needed for buidling a wooden fence gate: power drill, carpenter's level, screwdriver, compound miter saw, hinges, jigsaw, and deck screws.

Use the Best Boards

Save your best boards for building the gate, since gates are usually the focal point of a fence. Set some 2x4 boards before starting the construction so you will have the best wood pieces available to you when the time to assemble the gate comes.

Double Nail The Boards for the Gate

Overtime, the boards will shift naturally as they try to deal with the elements and keep their original shape. They could also move out of their proper place, depending on the amount of pressure they bear as people come in and out the yard.

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