Top 3 Tips To Help Promote Your Affiliate Commissions

Although all of the above is true in one sense, it doesn't however relate to a real affiliate marketing business. If you are serious about earning a full-time income from an affiliate business then you will need to reassess your previous belief structure, especially the simplistic view set out in our opening section.

Although a full-blown website isn't totally necessary you will need a blog website as a minimum, possibly a product review website too. Then you will need to be able to generate traffic, capture leads and convert traffic in order to promote your affiliate product. This will require a good amount of your time along with a chunk of your financial resources for advertising etc.

Now that we have come back down to earth, back to the real world so to speak, where do we go from here?

Since we now fully realize that affiliate marketing is not a push button get rich quick business we need to knuckle down and ramp up the business as much as possible in order to double or even triple our commissions, whilst automating the business as much as possible.

All of this will take a fair amount of time and effort so any help in getting there would no doubt be really appreciated. This is where our 3 tips can come into service; they are only basic items, but it's the basics that make the greatest difference and provide the most benefit.

Product Selection:

Whatever you do don't just dive into a product because it looks good, sounds good or is the latest fad. The more time and effort you spend researching your products the more likely you are to pick a winner. There's a whole host of criteria you can apply to this so unless you know exactly what to look for may I suggest you invest in some education.

There are plenty of ebooks and courses online, both paid and free that are able to provide all the information you will need. You can also get some great information from the support pages of the affiliate vendor platforms such as Clickbank or JVZoo.

Do remember to check out the blogs and forums. These are the places that are able to provide honest feedback about products and services. These are also the places customers go to see if a product is worth buying. If you have your own good review blogs then this can also be a great source of traffic.

Even if you do end up with an affiliate product that doesn't perform to your expectations then you can just dump it and move on to the next one, but you don't really want to be doing that too much as it can be a waste of your valuable time and resources.

Build Your List:

It's all in the list; how often have you heard that expression?

Irrespective of what you believe it's totally true and applicable and as an affiliate marketer it should be your primary objective. Yes, that's right, your primary goal should be list building. Not making commissions, not winning leaderboards or anything else.

The very core or heart if you like, of your business, is your list. Without your list, you do not have a business. For an affiliate marketer, a list is more important than a list is for say an ordinary internet marketer.

With your list you have total control and independence; you can target your list to multiple affiliate products in the same niche. Sell you list to other affiliates or advertisers or whatever you want, you're not tied to any vendor or product. You cannot do that so easily if you are a vendor selling a product in a particular niche market.

Affiliate marketers are very much like the mercenaries of the internet marketing world. They ply their trade with the "highest bidder' so to speak. And why not, after all given the amount of work and resources you will need to put in to be successful, especially where the payoff is not always guaranteed.

It's your duty to collect email options and you would probably be amazed by the number of affiliates who do not bother to build a list. They mistakenly believe it is the vendor's prerogative to collect all of that information.

When you build a list you are setting yourself up with a real business, one that can be leveraged year in year out and maybe with a fair wind you will be able to sell your business as a going concern sometime in the future.


This is a bit of a back end tip that would probably never occur to most affiliates, as it is somewhat unconventional. Let us say that you are running a successful campaign selling a product or service, sales are good and you believe that you are a top affiliate seller for that product. Then why not ask the vendor or merchant for a better commission payment.

What! I hear you say, you can't do that, have you gone mad.

Why on earth would the vendor ever consider paying a better commission rate than what was originally agreed. Well, let me take you back to where I told you that affiliates are the lifeblood for vendors.

Let us, for example, say that you sell 500 units per quarter for the vendor, he makes a very nice profit and you make your commission. If you ramp up your efforts, increase your advertising costs and increase quarterly sales to say 800 units then the vendor makes even more money for no extra work or input. True you will also increase your commission but it's the vendor who usually gets the lion's share of the profits.

Experienced vendors are well aware of this situation and they wouldn't be good business people if they didn't see the benefit, to all parties, of the increased sales. Your request for a better commission doesn't seem so outrageous now especially when you can see that it serves both of your interests.

Actually many vendors already know this strategy and pre-empt the situation by offering their regular and best affiliates bonus items or payments. These can take many forms and you may have seen this when a new product is launched. The vendor runs a leader board competition for their affiliates.

So never be afraid to ask, the worst that can happen is they say no.

Hopefully, the above tips and strategies will give you some food for thought in your new affiliate marketing business.

You now have a few of my Affiliate Marketing success secrets. If you would like to learn some more then just head over to and get them with my compliments.

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