Top 3 Vegas Chopper Excursions That Land at Bottom of Grand Canyon National Park

One of the best things about taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon from Vegas, is that you can choose to land on the Canyon floor on a number of tours. It can be overwhelming to pick the best tour if you've never been to the Canyon before. So, I've listed the top three helicopter tours below that allow you to see the bottom and top of the West Rim.

Vegas Helicopter Tours

The only tours that can land at the Canyon are the ones that go to the West Rim, therefore, Vegas is the best place to start your tour if you want to land at the Canyon and explore on foot. You can take an air tour of the South Rim instead, but your helicopter won't be permitted to land there.

The basic landing tour is my top choice when you go to the West Rim. This tour is also called the Champagne Tour because you'll get to enjoy a Champagne picnic once your helicopter lands on the Canyon floor. On this tour, you'll descend over 3500 feet to the bottom of the Canyon and land next to the Colorado River.

You also have the option to take a deluxe version of this same tour. In fact, the deluxe option is my second top tour since it comes with some nice extra perks. For example, you'll get free transportation to and from your hotel in a limousine, and your helicopter will lift off conveniently from the Strip. These tours also fly on superior helicopters that are quieter, roomier, and offer spectacular views from a panoramic wraparound viewing window.

My third pick is a comprehensive tour that lets you experience all the main points of interest at the West Rim. You'll get to land on top of the rim so you can visit the Skywalk, and you'll also get to fly to the bottom of the Canyon where you can take a boat tour on the Colorado River. This tour comes with VIP tickets to the Skywalk, so you won't have to wait in line in the hot sun for your turn to walk on the viewing platform. In addition to all this, you'll have time to explore the area on foot so you can visit the scenic lookouts.

The World-Famous Skywalk

The Skywalk is one of the most popular attractions at the Canyon, and you won't find anything like it elsewhere. It is a massive walkway made of steel and glass with a clear floor that allows you to walk out 70 feet past the rim and look down nearly 4000 feet below you. It is an exciting experience that gives you the most spectacular view possible. With the great views and exhilarating thrill, it is an attraction you don't want to miss.

A Few Tips To Keep In Mind

Summer is hot in the Canyon, and the weather closely matches what you experience in Vegas. Wear lightweight clothes and dress comfortably, but most of all be sure to take sunscreen and apply it regularly during the day. Don't forget your hat and sunglasses for the best protection from the sun.

Also, as you can imagine, these tours are very popular. Because of that, you should try to book your tour about two weeks before you plan to fly. So you don't forget, you can go ahead and book your tour right after you confirm your hotel reservation. Buy your tour online too, because it is easy and you'll save money. Buying your tour with your credit card instantly locks in your seats, and when you buy online, you can save as much as 35 percent off the retail price of your tour.

Wrapping Up

Any of these top three picks is a good choice. Just choose the one that fits your budget best. The first tour is ideal if you want a fantastic experience, but need to save money, however, if you can afford to spend more, then go with the deluxe or mega tour. So choose your tour and get set to see many breathtaking sites and have fun adventures at one of America's most loved National Parks.

Grand Canyon expert Lea Fallon recommends these deluxe helicopter tours along with these flights that land at the bottom of the National Park:

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