Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Website Designer Rather Than Do It Yourself

During the sunrise of the Internet and Yahoo! and HTML, if you said that you were planning to code your own website, people would probably believe you and also consider you to be quite intelligent. But in today's internet age, when almost every industry is linked to or through the internet, coding your own website seems to be a far-fetched proposition which few businessmen would be ready to accept. Even large corporate firms are constantly looking out for ways to outsource their website maintenance and limit internal interference only to major changes or major upgrades. This article discusses why it maybe a better idea to hire a professional website designer rather than try to become a designer yourself.

Learning Takes Time

Web Designing is not only about drawing or CAD or visualization. Offline drawing and artistry is completely different from computer assisted design, especially because of the multiple possibilities of measurements, configurations and concepts that you can introduce with the computer. Not only do you need to take a course in designing, but you also need to have the ability to work with computers and design software. Some design software have over 2000 functions which even experts struggle to handle.


Besides having knowledge of the tools, you also need to have experience. That is exactly from where the creativity stems. New designers may have perfect knowledge of the design tools and may be able to dish out stereotypical designs as they may have been taught, but the true test is all about innovation.

Different Technologies

A website is not only about knowing a certain programming language. It is about using different techniques and technology to get the best output for your visitors. What may look good may not be fast loading and hence may not be appealing to the visitors.

Working With Other Service Providers

You are not in this alone. There are several website resources which are dependent on various people and various service providers, which you need to keep in mind. Your lack of skill and experience may spill over to the work of others. For example if you get a logo designed from an external person and then try to integrate it but are unsuccessful, this will impact the work of that service provider too. Similarly, if you have a web app or run a web service, having a heavy or bulky design can affect that service as well.


Having an inexperienced programmer is like having zero security for your website. Not only are you going to lead your website to certain doom, but you are also going to expose loads of customer information to undue risk and harm. While most people take security lightly, it would be best to refrain from assuming the role of a security expert and trynig to secure your website, when you are at the nascent stages of designing and programming.


One of the most counterproductive things in designing your own website, is to distance yourself from the work. This means that you need to look at and deal with the work dispassionately and separate your experimentation from the professionalism. We always have a pre-conceived notion of how we would like our website to be, but we rarely lay emphasis on what the potential website visitors want. To a large extent, a designer is able to see this from a third party perspective and able to distance himself from what the business already is positioning itself to be. While a businessman may want to position himself to be modern and distinct, he may not know how to express this in his website and may be stuck in ancient times, based on the technology he learnt or knows.

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