Top Tips To Win Flappy Bird Game Once And For All

Flappy Bird is the well-known game on PCs and smartphones. Every player always cares about how to gain high scores every time they play it, especially they can overcome their friends' scores. The bird in the game is so small, and many dangers are placed everywhere during the journey. So, how could you do to get the better score at any Flappy Bird game versions, guys? It is time to explore the best tips with us right now!

Bigger Screens Are Better
This game genre may be for Iphone, but it doesn't mean that we cannot play it on our PCs, iPads, or tablets. Playing Flappy Bird on iPads or PCs, we have a big and great field to play and easily control the bird well. Generally, the bigger screen of devices, the easier we can play.

Move Out Of Our Way
If we enjoy the challenging game on smartphones, we need to pick a smooth place to tap and stick with it. As we are right-handed, actually the bottom right corner will work well. It makes us comfortable in that way, but never obscures the incoming pipes. Thus, it is hard to see these pipes' arrangement as early as possible. Once we are left-handed, there will be little trick of obscuring obstacles. In other words, we will still desire to stick with the bottom corner to ensure the bird on the move and focus.

Control Our Stress
Honestly, games create the physical reaction and a rush. That is why we play them. Sometimes, they can make us crazy. If you can keep yourself calm down in your real life, you are able to keep yourself calm down in the game world. Let's be slow, steady, and breathing while enjoying a Flappy Bird game. Importantly, once we learn how to manage your breathing, we can be calm and are in the focus as well as put in the zone. That allows us to get closer to our expert scores or our friends'.

Manage The Timing
The most important tip to win Flappy Bird with the highest score is Timing our taps. This type of game is about guiding the little bird over the pipes without hitting any part of them. It means that we have to know how to keep it as balanced as possible. As the bird flies up or down, tricks are to time our taps. Hence, the amplitude of peaks and dips is as short as it can. The best method as enjoying this game is to tap fast and regularly.

These are 4 top tips for you to win a Flappy Bird. Let's explore and acquire them!

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