Travel Agent FAM Expectations

First of all you must make sure when you receive your confirmation that you are aware and understand the expenses that you are responsible for. If you're not sure, call the Vendor and verify all information. These expenses could include a resort fee, room taxes, tips, etc. Also make sure that the companion you bring does not have to be an affiliate of the travel agency. For most Fams, your companion must be a travel agent also. You must realize that this is a working trip intended on showing one the benefits of vacationing at a specific destination. It is not a FREE trip, per se. They expect us to work . It normally entails several site inspections which include properties available for occupancy by our clients. You visit the facility, its various rooms by categories, the property's amenities including the pool, restaurants, bars, etc. Some fams include meals at the different "highlighted" restaurants and bistros to sample the food and drinks. One should be aware of the service and attitudes of the servers and the quality of the cuisine.

When the Tour Guide gives you the schedule of events, you need to adhere to it. They spend a lot of time to figure out where to go and when to go within the allotted amount of time, so everything is on a schedule. They depend on professionals to act professional. When the schedule says be there at 8:00 a.m. be there at 7:45 a.m. Don't be the one everyone else has to wait on. This says something about you as a business person. It's a negative . TIPPING There are usually tipping requirements that are mandatory. This means you are expected to count this as an expense You MUST PAY. Our Vendors spend a lot of money to get you there, to house you, transport you and wine and dine you. The least you could do is make your tips properly. I recently went on a FAM and the agents weren't tipping. They didn't tip the bus driver or the waiters at the restaurants that served us. When I suggested we put all the tips together in one envelope with a card (which is normal and preferred by the bus driver and the Tour guide) they would have no part of it. For the total trip the agents only had to pay $41 for the entire time we spent at the resort. These people were not paying it. I couldn't understand this. If you don't have $41 to tip for a FREE trip with a companion of your choice, all meals, drinks (alcoholic beverages) and sightseeing tours you don't need to be on a FAM. I was very ashamed.

Well, I hope you learned something and when you go on a FAM adhere to the rules. We're all adults here and supposed to be professionals. I really didn't see it in this group. And when someone suggests putting all the tips in one envelope together with a card, they're not trying to steal your money. I don't think that would be tolerated since the Tour Guide and Bus Driver can count. They know when their tips are not right and will inquire.

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