Treating Steel to Prevent Corrosion

Steel is usually treated with specialized coatings to prevent corrosion and other problems related with its effect. When steel's galvanization or protective coating wears out exposing the bare metal to moisture and air, corrosion occurs. There are different corrosion preventive coatings for different steel products.

Below are the fundamental types of coatings used to prevent steel corrosion.

Bonded Colour Steel and Powder Coatings

Pre-painted steel is a kind of steel that has been painted finish by bonding powder coloured coating to the steel. This colour bonded type of steel is commonly used in walling and roofing, water tank construction, external fencing, and cool room paneling. Special metallic coating and particular colour are used to make steel panels which are used in areas with extreme temperature and weather condition like industrial and coastal settings. Powder coatings are smeared during the manufacture of steel and require pressure treatment so that chemical bonding will take place. These products have twenty-five years corrosion resistant warranty.


Emulsions are basically utilized in industrial settings. It can also be used as solvent coating/cleaner. Water based or oil based emulsions are the effective metal coatings used to prevent rust in industrial in-plant settings. Frequent reapplication of coating is required. And these coatings are basically applied on moving parts which are often exposed to extreme high temperatures.


In the late 1970s and until today, aluminum/zinc alloy has been used as a predominant metal material in metallic coated roofing. Steel roofs which are traditionally galvanized are continually manufactured in this generation and still the most common and popular metal roof panel now in place. These are seen usually in commercial and industrial settings.

Water based

Acrylic coatings that are water-based work perfectly in restoring metal roofs. Basically, Acrylic coatings consist acrylic roof coating combined with acrylic primer. With these coatings there's no need for frequent application but only a longer term reapplication is required to keep the corrosion protection of the roof. And then treatment and corrosion protection will last for many years.

Solvent based

Roof coatings that are solvent-based are better used on areas with high humidity or usually around AC equipment. These coatings normally include vapor barrier roof coating, butyal coating that is solvent-based, and silicone coating that has epoxy primer. Coatings with this kind need maintenance with in five to ten years.
To find the right kind of steel product that would fit your current need, be sure to ask advice to the experts, manufacturer or your steel suppliers regarding the available types of coatings and the maintenance related with each kind of coatings. Applying the right metal treatments on your steel products will ensure your products' long life away from corrosion.

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