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There are many different reasons to go out and enjoy a good meal. In fact, it's my personal belief that every excellent occasion deserves celebrating with an equally as excellent meal. The question has always really been in where these fantastic restaurants are. I have favorite places for different types of celebrations. Family breakfasts are always held at a well attended local pub style restaurant, which makes a magnificent Irish breakfast, complete with bangers and mash. Lunch meetings are always taken somewhere relatively quiet - typically a popular chain - where a menu variety won't be too distracting, but the quality of the food will still be good. Big dinners - groups of friends celebrating birthdays, engagements, or even just a fine family dining experience with those closest to my heart - that's always at my local Latin fusion restaurant. Let's be honest, though. Even when my family is on vacation, I'm scouting the area for a Latin fusion food place to take them to before we have to go back home. For these kinds of meals, it's just perfect.

There's really no contest if you're looking for culinary diversity. What fusion does is that it borrows from pan-Latin American culture, taking aspects of each and every one of these incredible social cookbooks and mixing them together to create new and exciting meals, or stunning reinventions of existing classics. There's no reason not to indulge when it comes to Latin fusion - the complexity of flavor and spicing is only one part of what makes every bite so special.

I'm a huge fan of fusion restaurants for big group dinners because this food is different than what we are normally used to - even as fans of Spanish food. Not only that, but there's such a variety in the types of foods offered, given that the basic philosophy of fusion is about breaking the rules and trying new combinations. There's no way you can't find something for everyone in your group, despite dietary restrictions of their specific tastes. My family and I love to go out to eat when we can afford to (with a large group, that isn't all that often these days!) but there's always this looming concern about whether everyone will be able to get something that they really like. We like to pretend we're not, but my family - myself included - are not easy people to please. We like things the way we like them, but we are also willing to take risks as long as they aren't too far out of our comfort zone or price range.

Latin fusion food has given us a chance to do that. It's not what we're used to eating, even when we are dining out, and our local establishment is very reasonable in its pricing. Guacamole, margaritas, and brand new favorite meals from the Latin American flavor palate - it's a real experience every time, and no two restaurants will do the same meals, or, if they do, they certainly won't be done in the same way.

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