Trying To Decide On A Wedding Cake?

So you are getting married? There is a laundry list of items to get started on. Who will be your photographer, what dress do you want, where will you honeymoon, the list goes on. These are all exciting new things think about before you and your fiancé walk down the sacred aisle and make promises to one another.

When choosing certain items for one's wedding, many people like to stick to the traditional methods. This is completely fine. The wedding turns out beautiful, people know what to expect and the wedding ceremony commences forward. But for those of you out there who would really like to add some special, unique individual touches to your wedding new ideas abound.

One such idea would be thinking about a different type of wedding cake. Instead of the traditional multi-tiered cake, why not opt for a non-traditional version: the cupcake. More and more people are asking for cupcakes these days! Oh, you say, but this will make them commonplace again. If everyone is starting to do this, what will help keep it staying a unique new wedding experience enhancer?

This is a great question and the answer is that, there are many ways! Cupcakes can have a broader scope of design or utility to offer. For example, one can have them decorated all the same with a special design of one's choosing. One can decide to decorate each cupcake individually as well. If one decides to put the cupcakes on each guest table, one can make a cupcake for each guest, with each guest's name specially written on top! Or why not put the bride and groom's name on the cupcakes! If one decides to have the cupcakes on the guest's table, one can even have them made in individually decorated take home boxes. This can make the wedding cake process easier and more manageable, especially for those who know their wedding list is large. Many people dread the cake segment of a wedding because they often have to wait in a long line to finally get a piece of the dessert, taking a large amount of time out of the celebratory festivities. With cupcakes that are placed on the table and put in individual boxes the guest has their dessert right on the table and they have the option to enjoy it now or save it for later! And who doesn't like or appreciate choices?! In addition, it is a great crowd pleaser for children, who for some reason hold a special affinity for such treats. Maybe it's because they are just the right size and seem specially made for their tiny hands.

The wedding cake can be more than just a nice "piece" of the wedding that people expect. It can be a special, creative way to celebrate the event. Of course there are many options with regard to the traditional cake as well, as far as decorating and appearance; the cupcake simply adds another added option of diversity to the experience as a whole.

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