Turn Your Puppy Into The Ideal Dog

There's a lot of talk about how to raise the perfect dog. It's what we all want but the question is ... do they exist?

I suppose the answer is a bit like ... is there a perfect person? Obviously, the answer to that is ... No!

There are some pretty great people out there, and there are some really amazing dogs too. So what's the trick?

This is my best advice.

Before you get hung up about heading to puppy school and learning ways to do high-fives, roly-polies and the commando crawl, ask yourself this ...

Is this what my dream dog does? Is my dream dog basically a performing monkey whom I wheel out when visitors come around so they can say "Wow that's cool, how clever is he ... How did you train him to perform that ..." and so on and so forth.

The kicker is that in many of these cases the next thing that the dog owner has to do is warn the visitors "Now ... don't go near his food bowl when he's eating, and careful when you pat him not to go near his head, and keep the children away from his toys!"

It's crazy isn't it?

We spend so much time and effort focusing on how to do commands like sit and stay but never even consider some of the really important stuff. And when we do it's often too late.

Would you like to know why this is so?

Maybe most dog trainers are stuck doing what everyone else is doing ...

And that's training the sit, the down and the stay! That's correct. Its like sheep, everyone following one another and nobody asking WHY?

Think about this ... has a dog ever been put to sleep (yes, I am talking about euthanized) because they didn't do a proper sit? Or because their down command was a bit slow? Or because they had a poor stay? Of course not ... nobody really cares about that stuff.

That's what we all learn at puppy school! WHY ?

But ... Aggression? Oh Boy.

More dogs are put to sleep for aggression, barking, growling, and challenging than any other reason. Aggressive to children, owners, strangers-- its all bad news.

There is nothing more dangerous than an uncontrollable dog, pulling you along on the leash, ignoring you when you let them off. Never mind the danger to themselves around cars and other dogs.

Yet so few dog trainers show you how to avoid all of this, because very few actually comprehend it themselves!

Most people's real idea of a perfect dog, in no particular order, will include all of the following 5 important behaviors:.

1.Calm around all other animals including dogs. 2.Friendly to all people including children. 3.Relaxed and obedient around the home. 4.Amazing at coming when called at the park. 5.A real angel when walking on the leash in public.

Hhmmm ... I can hear you thinking ... You've got a point!

Allow me to guess your next question ...

So how do we accomplish it?

Well the great news is that it's not complicated. At least it's not complicated or tricky anymore ... all thanks to online video training..

You can find an amazing assortment of videos showing you exactly how to achieve this kind of 'perfect' dog. You'll be able to see a video diary of an 8 week old puppy , going through every stage of achieving all the things I've just mentioned.

You'll be able to see the puppy growing up for a whole year and presented a series of lessons each week that need to be learned at that particular stage of the puppy's life. You get to watch and train your puppy at exactly the right time, making sure problems don't manifest later on.

This specialized training will cover every kind of dog problem that you may face later on.

Melvin Noel, owner of the Noel Group Inc., is a prominent writer,entrepreneur, and a leader in the business industry. He has written many informative articles and is always striving to help others improve their way of living. For more informative articles, please visit his site today: http://richmondblogbeast.com

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