Turtle Case - Facts You Should Know

Storing of important data is an activity that is taken as a priority by any serious organization or business. There are many storage media which are available and with advancement in technology, smaller media are now able to store large amounts of data. Once this data is stored in for example a disk or a cartridge, it may be necessary to transport the storage media to a location where data is centrally stored.

It is therefore important to place the storage media in a safe storage as they are being transported. This will ensure that the media does not get damaged which would result in loss of data that is stored in the media. A safe way to transport your storage media is the turtle case.

About Turtle Case

A turtle case is used to safely store and transport media tapes when moving them from one location to another. The case has been designed to give protection to the storage media so that it remains safe whether it is stationary or on transit. The storage media is protected from environmental impacts like excess temperature, humidity or particles in the air.

The name turtle is used because the cases have a hard outer covering which ensures that the storage media stored inside are safe and secure. Turtle cases are designed to store the most used media formats and they also can store various capacities of the storage media.

Outer Covering

The outer covering of the turtle case consists of a double wall so that in case there are weights placed on the case, it will not transfer the weight to the disks and cartridges. Excess weight on the storage media can alter their shape thus damaging them.

In the event that the turtle case gets bumped around during transportation, it can absorb the shock in order to protect the stored media. When the cartridges are stored in the turtle case, there is at least a distance of 80mm between the cartridge and the outer covering. This ensures that the media are not damaged by unwanted electromagnetic fields.

Quality Design

The turtle case is made from polyethylene material that is of high density, has a light weight and is very durable. This material does not rust and offers sufficient protection to the storage media. The case is designed so that the tape reel axes are placed in a horizontal position so that the reel does not slip off when there is movement.

There are dividers which are made in the dimensions of specific media so that the media fits perfectly into these spaces ensuring they are not banged around during movement. The case is properly sealed inside to ensure dirt does not get through and that no condensation can take place. The turtle case has strong latches which cannot open mistakenly and it can be carried around easily.


Using the turtle case for your storage media will ensure that your data is not damaged when being transported to the central data center. Damage to a tape will mean that a large amount of data will be lost and you will need to store this information again. Since there are regulatory requirements about data storage, the case will ensure that you comply with these regulations by keeping your data secure.

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