Ukraine-Russia, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17, Israel-Palestine and World War 3

Are the hidden powers that be using the Ukraine-Russia conflict to start world war 3? At this point in time all their controlled mass media are saying Russia was responsible for the bringing down of Malaysia flight MH17and nobody's really asking questions challenging the accusation's validity in spite of evidence suggesting the contrary.

The whole thing smacks of problem-reaction-solution: Did the hidden powers that be use their gofers to secretly shoot down the airliner (problem) and then use their controlled mass media to falsely blame it on Russia to produce a reaction of worldwide condemnation against this country with the intention of starting a war as a solution..? (Apologies for explaining the problem-reaction-solution description, if you're already familiar with it...).

The Malaysia flight MH17 looks suspiciously like the MH370 jetliner that went missing not so long ago, containing corpses, said by a Kiev Spanish air controller to have been shot down by Ukraine jets.

Not so long ago the hidden powers that be tried to foment a war by telling lies about Syria, but their plans were thwarted by Putin and Bashar al-Assad's involvement. The final back-off from the hidden powers that be and their gofers came from Assad's election landslide 88.7% win... They then moved on; they secretly created ISIS, a bunch of heavily sponsored gang thugs as an attempt to get a war in Iraq going again...

Then there's the Israel-Palestine conflict. Why do so many of the world leaders keep ignoring this? It's because they have too much at stake; oil, gold and drugs... if they stood up to the evil hidden powers that be. Once again, humanity goes down the tubes and so does the value of human life with it.

Mass media bias continues as CNN recently covered a pro-Israel rally in New York City while scant attention was given to the massacre in Gaza: The said genocidal slaughter zone carries on as Israel continues attacking defenceless Palestinians, killing many men, women and children. The Palestinians are no match for the Israeli military advanced weaponry. Hamas is another invention secretly sponsored by the hidden powers that be, designed to look like an enemy to Israel but actually serving as a scapegoat: Indeed, all this is part of the criminal deception.

In spite of the condemnation, debating, discussions and analyses, honouring of opposing religious beliefs... diplomatic attempts to produce any foreseeable solution have failed.

The idea to foment world war 3 is part of the plan for the new world order to achieve the desired global domination by the hidden powers that be. There is much debate over whether or not world war three can be achieved, but indeed, time will tell.

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