Ultrium 7: Which Businesses Need Data Storage?

Perhaps, you assume that your business doesn't really need a robust data storage system or an advanced storage media like the LTO Ultrium 7. Or maybe you don't know just how much you need data storage. Well, you'll need to evaluate several key aspects in order to gauge your need for a good data storage system:

i. Which Type Of Business Is It?

The type of business you're involved in would greatly determine the amount of data you have to deal with. Certain businesses don't usually handle too much data; however, automation of many business operations has created more sources of data that businesses have to deal with.

Businesses that are directly involved in digital content would normally have larger amounts of data, as compared to other businesses. This includes entertainment broadcasting that handles a lot of video and audio content. The same also applies to technology-based ventures.

Companies that deal in services are also likely to have large volumes of data. Enterprises within the medical field may not be directly dealing in digital content, but they do handle a large amount of information concerning medical records. Similarly, businesses within the legal and insurance industry have to manage large volumes of information.

On the other hand, brick and mortar businesses aren't likely to have as much information. These are mainly businesses that offer products. However, with increasing automation of business operations, more and more data is being accumulated by such companies. A lot more information is also being sourced concerning customer experience, which further helps the companies to deliver products that meet customer needs, apart from improving business efficiencies.

As you can see, the question really isn't whether your business needs data storage; rather, how much data storage you actually need. This means that you can design your data storage system to suit the specific needs of your organization, whether you have little data or a lot of it.

ii. What Is The Expected Growth Of Data?

When you set up any data storage system, you shouldn't just consider your current storage needs. You should also plan ahead and consider just how much more storage you would need in future.

This is a particularly important consideration, since tremendous data growth is expected in certain industries.

In general, the International Data Corporation estimates an average of 60 percent annual growth of enterprise data stores. This is just an average figure, as the expected growth would be much higher in specific industries and lower in others.

An expected data growth of as high as 120 percent is expected in such industries as medical, insurance and entertainment broadcasting. Hence, companies in such industries would have to invest even more resources for larger data storage systems. High capacity and high performance storage media, such as the LTO 7, would be a top consideration when evaluating storage media options.

A much lower expected data growth of 50 percent would be seen in brick and mortar industries. Hence, it might not be reasonable to spend excessively on large data storage systems. However, such businesses would still benefit from high performance storage media as the LTO 7.

Stutch Data provides many data storage solutions, such us the LTO Ultrium tapes. You are able to select the most useful device, based on a wide collection of varying capacities. If you need any assistance in identifying the most appropriate option, Richard Stutchbury will be ready to guide you. For more tips and ideas about a brand new LTO 7 just go to our webpage.

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