Unbelievable Dental News On The Pre-Historic Man's Dental Health

An Australian genetic research conducted in the University of Adelaide regarding ancient dental plaque brought about a shocking discovery. The research was published in Nature Genetics. It shows that amidst the advanced dental tools and technological innovations on dental treatments like dental implants, teeth whitening, composite resin fillings and teeth restoration nowadays, still the Mesolithic hunter-gatherer in the early times have way better teeth than the people today.

The study further shows that there are almost no signs of dental cavities and bacteria connected with gum disease in the mouth of these primitive men. And that is due to the meat-dominated and grain-free diet that they have. They only eat all-natural food. The research likewise discovered that the rise of Industrial Revolution and farming started what we call dental disease due to bacteria.

In comparison to men's diet before, man's modern food usually contains preservatives and lots of sugar and carbohydrates. These are the main causes of tooth cavity formation. Thus, if you really want to know how to prevent tooth decay, you have to change your lifestyle when it comes to your diet. You may not exactly follow the so-called "Paleolothic diet", but you have to eat more natural foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Opt for more vegetables. Lessen your sugar intake by cutting off sweet snacks and drinks. Minimize your intake of processed foods as well such as canned goods and preserved frozen foods.

Together with your diet adjustments, make sure to adhere to regular dental hygiene practices like regular flossing and brushing of your teeth. You may do these 2x a day, for 2 minutes each. No matter how busy and tired you are with your daily activities, spending few minutes cleaning your teeth would mean a stronger overall dental health for how many years.

Now, still wanting to know how to avoid tooth decay? Follow these pointers, making any effort to do them always. Couple them with regular visits to your dentist. Your dentist is still the most qualified person from whom you can learn a lot regarding the best practices of achieving the best dental health you can ever have. He or she can remove deep-seated dirt in your teeth and he or she can give you further advice on how to maintain strong and healthy teeth that will last.

Finally, whenever hesitant do to these practices due to time or energy constraints, just remember this pre-historic man's dental health discovery for your motivation.

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