Understanding The Different Kinds Of Electricians

Electrical work can be very wide and an electrician is required to have a variety of skills and be flexible to carry out both indoor and outdoor jobs. There are jobs that will require physical strength when the electrician has to carry tools up a ladder in order to work.

When there is a power outage in an area, the electrician will have to restore electricity supply no matter the time or the type of weather that he has to work in. Having the right tools will enable the electrician to perform his duties effectively. In case you need an electrical job done, you can find an L2 electrician that is accredited who will offer you the best quality service.

Types Of Electricians

Electricians can decide to specialize in a specific area in order to offer effective services. There are service electricians whose main work is to identify the source of a wiring problem and to carry out the necessary repairs. There are also electricians who focus on working on construction sites, where their main task is to lay out the wiring for new buildings.

A master electrician is one who has at least two years of experience and has passed an electricians test that is standardized. This is an electrician that is qualified to design, install and maintain your electrical system. A journeyman on the other hand is licensed but cannot design an electrical system. He can however install the system by reading the designs drawn out by the master electrician, and he is qualified to service the system.

What Is A Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician can design, install and service the electrical system that is found in commercial structures. They are licensed and normally have to go through an apprenticeship or an associate's degree program. The electrician lays out the wiring in a commercial building and connects the wires to the circuit breaker and the switches. The wires are also connected to the appliances that provide heating, air conditioning and lighting in the building.

The electrician's work will not be complete until he tests the entire electrical system to ensure that it works properly. He uses a test meter to check whether there is a break or a short in the system in order to fix the problem. Most commercial electricians work indoors and have to carry heavy materials.

What Is A Residential Electrician?

A residential electrician works in new residential buildings and in home renovation projects. They carry out regular check ups on residential electrical systems in order to handle potential problems early enough. The electrician can carry out a variety of tasks including rewiring the home, installing fans, upgrading or increasing the electrical outlets in the home. A residential electrician can also replace wiring in an old home since older wiring may not be able to handle the power needs of modern living.

An L2 electrician is authorized to reconnect and disconnect your property from the electricity network. He can also install an overhead or underground service line to connect you to the electricity network. He can repair both the overhead and underground service lines and also install a basic electricity meter for you.

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