Understanding the Emotions in Individuals With Autism

Children with the disorder of autism find it difficult to be hugged, comforted, compared to children who do not have autism. Children with autism usually turn their heads away, push and pull on the adult to keep them away Children who do not have autism, warm up to the person who is hugging them and comforting them, because they know and feel the embrace of love and security. Therefore, understanding the emotions in individuals with autism, can be challenging.

As parent(s) or caregiver(s), we need to be aware of the fact that people with autism, do not always know how to express their emotions in a positive way, that will be understood by others. What can be done? We need to understand how to appropriately respond to to their emotions and feelings, which involves, identifying what the individual feels who has autism. For example, what caused them to feel that way, react that way? How can we respond to them, help them and teach them a more positive, appropriate way of handling the situation?

One tool which can be used to teach and understand the emotions in individuals with autism, is the use of photos. Photos are the best to illustrate how they can turn their negative emotions into positive emotions and feelings. Children with autism, seem to respond better to photos, because they are visual aids.

If your child is showing expressions of anger, sadness and outbursts of temper tantrums, it would be an excellent idea to show the individual photos of happy children, calm photos of children being content with what they are doing, that relates to what you have told them or instructed them to do.

Allow the person to identify with the different expressions of understanding the emotions in the individual with autism, by showing the photos that express or depict those emotions.

If you are able, show the person how to act-out the various expressions shown, such as happy, angry, sad, with facial expressions and what they mean and how they affect other people.

In addition, to using photos to understand the emotions in individuals with autism, you can use videos, digital video discs, which will show the full actions and expressions that are more powerful to understand and view.

Another excellent way to portray and understand the emotions in individuals with autism, is to use hand puppets. They capture character, extremely visual, colorful,they are not threatening, and they are creative. You can make up stories with them and act out the stories of their emotions and feelings with your child.

Be creative when you want your child to understand positive and negative emotions that can be changed and used for their advantage. Never give up on trying to understand the emotions in individuals with autism.

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