Unique Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Business

A boring bathroom can be quite a common occurrence and as a result can leave you with a lifeless and morbid space. These are normally bathrooms decked out in a completely neutral setting accompanied by plain and boring laminate flooring and furnishings.

A bathroom design should reflect the owner's personality as this will contribute to a quirky, more vibrant area in which to spend your time. This will also act as a redeeming feature should you ever come to sell the property, one that will no doubt leave a lasting impression on the potential buyer.

Below are two simple ideas that should inspire you to create a visually stimulating and thought provoking bathroom;

Retro Bathrooms

If you adore retrospective styles, why not design a bathroom that reflects you as a person? If your bathroom has good ventilation, put up some retro based wallpaper and stencilled art, ideas for this type of paper can be sourced anywhere on the web.

You will find that this style is quickly making a return back into fashion due to the feel good vibe created.

If you have poor ventilation then a fun alternative could be to paint the walls using bold colours like dark reds and blues. This idea can be taken up a notch by sourcing accessories from a similar era, Mirrors and figurines from the 70s, Rugs and towels with crazy patterns and framed artwork of old newspapers and album covers.

Country lifestyle bathroom

Country manors are renowned for plush interiors. These designs are easy to find and can be used to inspire an amazing looking bathroom. This is the perfect look for those who love the countryside and want to portray a well healed impression. This ideal is usually split between 'country manor' and 'warm cottage', depending on your preferences.

The snug cottage impression:

Find a simple and neutral suite complete with a soft line and a free standing white ceramic or double ended bath. Use light neutral paints on the walls, country themed artwork such as horses, sheep or swans and ornaments depicting country living. Feel free to add a few bowls of floral pot pourri, fresh flowers and twine framed pictures of the surrounding countryside. Lace voile curtains are a great contribution to this desired feel.

The country manor impression:

Find and fit a large bath with good depth and add gold fittings, taps and plugs etc. Add a marble or granite flooring, a thick soft rug with towels and other furnishings of a similar appearance, and a gold or platinum framed mirror. The walls should be of a darker colour scheme with gold leafing or print as a border. The prominent additions are key to emulating this type of style.

The above bathrooms are fun to design and will personify the home owner. These designs can be expensive so a good bit of research can prove cost effective.

Written on behalf of Bespoke Bathrooms And Tiling suppliers of Bathrooms Rochdale and Bathshop321 online suppliers of Bathroom Suites

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