Unique Bridal Shower Invitations - Tips for Sensational Wedding Shower Invites

It doesn't matter if you're the wedding shower planner guru or if this is your first time planning one, you know that bridal shower invitations are an important way to give guests the 411, or all the important information they need.

The Theme

Like wedding invitation ideas, there's no shortage of themes for unique bridal shower invites. For a one-of-a-kind look, consider an invite printed on die-cut paper. Guests will be impressed when they open the envelope to find an invitation shaped like a bridesmaid's dress, a wedding gown, or, yes, even lingerie.

One of the no-brainer ideas for bridal shower invitations is to incorporate the party theme. For example, if you're planning an ice cream social, use an image of a cone or sundae. No matter what the theme, you don't need to settle on fuddy-duddy designs that look like overdone wedding invitation ideas. Find ultra-modern and super-cute designs for images that range from disco balls to designer-looking handbags.

Colors are another way to create tone-setting party invites. If the future bride is well-known for her love of purple, invite stationery in lavender or text in a flirty bright purple will let guests know exactly who the shower is for.

Add pizazz to your party invitations by using embellishments. Ribbons, charms, and elastic ties are common ways to jazz up an invite. For a festive touch, add confetti to the envelope. Imagine a shower guest opening a winter-themed invitation to find snowflake-shaped confetti.

You can also match the bridal shower invitations to the wedding invitation ideas. If the bride's planning a chic beach affair, use shower invites that sport a more casual beach theme, such as flip flops or a sun towel. Is a formal red-themed wedding in the works? A bold red paper or a white invite trimmed in a red shade will tie the two events together.

The Message

If traditional wording is your style, look for suggested text that fits your needs. Online wedding specialists frequently list wording suggestions for a range of events, from wedding invitation ideas to shower ideas.

For unique bridal shower invitations the guests are sure to talk about, make like Shakespeare (or Seuss) and pen a poem. If verse isn't your style, ask a literary-minded friend to help create an ultra-unique poem invite.

Of course, you already know to include the date, time, and location on the bridal shower invitation, but there are other tidbits you might want to add. For example, remember to include any guidelines for themed shower. For example, if you're hosting a lingerie event, the bridal shower invitations might include the bride-to-be's size. Kitchen shower invitations might suggest a cooking-themed gift.

Wording for bridal shower invitations should also include whether guests should RSVP or send regrets only. RSVP means they should respond to you regardless of whether they're attending or not. Regrets only means the guest should only respond if they cannot attend. The problem with regrets only is that some guests will invariably forget to notify you they can't show up. As a result, you might plan a party for 30 guests but only have 20 of them actually attend.

The bridal shower invitation is the first impression guests will have of the event--with a little planning it's easy to create a wedding shower invite that your guests will remember.

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