Unique Comedy and Social Media Feedback

Entertainment figures are flocking to all the latest social media sites, eager to promote their image and work, and to engage with their fans in a relatively new and exciting way. Everyone from musicians, politicians, athletes, sports commentators, bloggers and comedians are using creativity and open forums in order to connect with the people who support them. After all, when your livelihood is dependent on the support of other people in such an intimate way, it's a good idea to keep tabs on what they are responding to. Comedians especially have found a way to use this to their advantage, engaging with fans in real time commentary in order to figure out what it is about the humor they use in their acts, skits and programs that really resonate with people.

The online discussion format can be equally beneficial, both to entertainers who have been in the business for a while, as well as people attempting to do things from home. Take Jonathan Coulton, a musician who makes a living writing, recording and performing humorous songs about modern nerd culture. This was his comedic passion, and it turned into something he could make a living on due to the generosity of fans through social media outlets. There is a special kind of social discussion you can engage in with the producers of media and the consumers of their products, whether that is artwork, music, or comedy experiences.

These kinds of interactive discussions are being increasingly structured in more innovative and experimental ways, allowing for a multitude of fans to connect with a featured entertainer easily. and with more accessibility than ever before. It is in this way that comedians are able to get real and honest feedback on what they are doing, especially since when it comes to entertainment figures, people often feel more connected to their favorite comedians as opposed to musicians and other kinds of artists. Comedians often talk about the issues that are relatable no matter what your background is, and we think about these figures as being more grounded than musicians who conduct occasional online interviews in chat room style, but own two or three mansions. Because there is less of an assumption of division between average people and comedians as opposed to other entertaining professions, these social discussions can really get to important and interesting subject matter, since the sense of power divide is not as great as it might otherwise be. This gives individuals more of an emotional freedom to connect and consider one another's viewpoints equally. Media is changing the way we think about work and entertainers, as well as the way we create, offering new ways to get feedback, making way for better comedy.

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