Useful Tips in Funeral Preparations

The family of the deceased must be prepared for this eventuality emotionally, financially, and physically. The funeral director is the best person to guide next of kin in planning and during this most difficult period.

The spouse and grown-up children have many responsibilities. One is to greet and socialize with visitors. You have to express the gratitude of people offering condolences and paying their respects to your loved one. In case you expect a massive turnout, get a guestbook so visitors can sign. This will serve as basis for sending out thank you cards. Prepare for all kinds of expression of sympathies. Some may be awkward or inappropriate. Be ready for the unforeseen.

What should family members wear during memorial service and actual internment? Bear in mind that some people will observe your appearance. However, these persons should also understand your situation. This is the time to support and not to pass judgment on you. Your clothes should be tidy and a bit formal but comfortable. Some people have traditional attires whenever there is a death in the family. Wear modest attire at all times. Grooming is also essential. Get a haircut or shave before the rites.

Prepare for the conference for funeral arrangements with the relatives who have a say in this task and the funeral manager. You can pick the location based on the family's consensus. It could be the funeral home or chapel for the vigil and cemetery for traditional burial. Fill up and review carefully information needed by the funeral home before said meeting. This is the time when you decide the manner, place, date and time of funeral services that you prefer.

The funeral manager will enumerate and discuss available options and help in arranging and coordinating your desires. These points include registration of death; choice of internment or cremation; location of cemetery; burial chamber liner or vault for coffin; urn for cremation; place of service; schedule of internment; visitation and eulogy; and, other requirements. Prepare a checklist for the service. Confirm the religious minister who will officiate in the service.

Finalize arrangements with memorial park or burial ground management. Look for a musician/singer or music to be recorded. Inform all individuals and associations that need to know about the funeral. It is essential to find an affordable funeral manager who can give you the best service. Compare costs for the coffin, embalming, hearse, floral arrangements, prayer cards, thank you tags, and other needs.

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