Using Social Media to Your Advantage in Growing Your Law Practice

Social media is obviously here to stay and smart lawyers are recognizing its enormous potential for growing their client base and networking. However, there are those who are seeing little to no benefit to their attempts to use social media as a marketing platform and the problem is that many attorneys aren't using social media correctly.

Let's look at social media practices compared to face-to-face networking. Here's the scenario: You're a lawyer, you've just expanded your practice or moved to a new city, and you're looking for ways to network to build a bigger client base. You find several networking opportunities through local conferences and trade shows, and get a stack of business cards ready to take with you.

At these events, your first order of business is to walk up to people, give them the best sales pitch in your arsenal, and hand them your business card. You're confident, you know you have great service and expertise to offer, and you're friendly and approachable--the perfect combination.

After the events, you return to your office to wait for the influx of phone calls and inquiries that you're sure will happen. Days go by and the phone stays silent. You start to wonder--was there a misprint on the cards? Did you make some unknown faux pas when talking to everyone?

The truth is, yes, you did something wrong, and anyone who has been in the business long enough knows exactly what it was--you advertised your business rather than networking. You went to the events with the primary purpose of building a client base without bothering to build relationships. One simply doesn't happen without the other and relationship building is a lot more than handing out cards and giving your sales pitch.

Although social media can be a great venue for promoting your practice and drawing traffic to your website and blog, it's important to keep in mind that people are on social media to learn, network and meet new acquaintances. They don't want to hear your sales pitches--they simply want to get to know you better as a person and learn more about what it is that you do.

That's why you should use social media as an opportunity to show your expertise and introduce the core values of your practice through engaging, thoughtful and informative posts. If you do this, you won't need to use social media as just another digital business card--it can become so much more than that. is a "one-stop shop" where lawyers and other legal professionals such as expert witnesses, court reporters, bail bondsmen and paralegals could interact with one another. It's the first of its kind networking platform created exclusively for the legal community. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Mark G. Astor helps other attorneys grow their business. Call (561) 212-8956 or visit

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