Vegas Chopper Excursions that Fly Grand Canyon National Park During Labor Day Holiday

Labor Day is coming fast, so don't delay on getting your plans in order. It will be the last weekend holiday of the summer, and the weather is ideal for taking a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon. Tickets are in high demand and will likely sell out for Labor Day weekend, so you'll have to book soon!

Touring From Las Vegas To The Canyon

Vegas is not far from the West Rim of the Canyon, and it only takes a helicopter around 45 minutes to cover the 125-mile journey. The flight path to the Canyon goes right over the massive Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, which is an amazing site from the air. If you want to check out the South Rim, you can take an airplane to Arizona to start your tour. You can fly out to Tusayan, Arizona by airplane in about an hour.

The Vegas helicopter tours are very popular, and there are air-only and landing tours you can choose from. The landing tours are the most fun since you can land on top of the rim for some exploration or you can make the thrilling 3500 ft descent and land on the bottom of the Canyon.

Landing On Top Of The Rim Or The Bottom

The Champagne Picnic tour is one of the favorite picks when it comes to touring the Canyon, and this tour is one that flies down and lands on the Canyon floor. You'll get to fly inside the Canyon, then land near the Colorado River. This tour can also be upgraded to include a fun boat ride along the river so you can see the Canyon in a very special way. If you need more adventure, you can include a stop on top of the rim so you can experience the Skywalk.

The Skywalk is truly spectacular, being a platform made of glass and steel, with an amazing transparent floor. It extends 70 feet beyond the edge of the rim and hangs 4000 feet above the Canyon floor. It's a unique and thrilling experience you won't find elsewhere.

The Deluxe Tour Option

There are two options for these helicopter tours, the basic and the deluxe. Both types of tours are worth the experience, but the deluxe tours come with some VIP perks.

Basic tours fly mostly in Bell Ranger helicopters, and they depart from Boulder City, just outside of Las Vegas. To get to Boulder City, you'll ride on a shuttle bus, which will take about 30 minutes.

Compare that to the deluxe tours that fly on EcoStar 130 choppers. These helicopters are a significant upgrade from those used on basic tours. They are larger inside and have a staggered stadium seat layout, so even if you're in the second row you will get a 'front row' seat. The best thing though, is the wraparound window that provides 180 degree panoramic sightseeing. Also, deluxe tours lift off from The Strip and you'll be picked up and taken back to your hotel in a limousine.

Buy Your Tour Soon

Keep in mind these tours are filling up fast. These helicopter tours are very popular and they will be even more so over the busy Labor Day holiday. To ensure you get seats, you need to book your tour as soon as possible.

Also, buy your tour online with your credit card and you'll lock in your seats instantly. As an added benefit, buying your tour online lets you use the low Internet rate. You might be able to save as much as 30 percent over buying the tour in person or by phone.


If you're in Vegas, the West Rim is the most convenient destination. It's also the only area of the Canyon where you can land in a helicopter. You can land on top of the rim, the bottom of the Canyon, or you can do both. Make the most of your budget, and whether you go for basic or deluxe, you'll enjoy a fantastic adventure that is completely unique to the West Rim.

Grand Canyon expert Lea Fallon is a huge fan of these Las Vegas helicopters that fly direct to the Grand Canyon and land on top or the bottom:

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