Visiting the Historic Center of Florence

Visiting Florence is like being in an open-air museum where every street and square of the old town can show architectural and artistic works full of historical meaning, telling the glorious past of this unique Renaissance city. Visiting the historic center of Florence is a unique experience and is also a very pleasant walk.

The old part of Florence rather small to be visited on foot, stopping to admire every place we meet on the way. Walking around Florence to find monuments and artistic sites of unique value, you can also find beautiful shops and places to eat, where you can enjoy the excellent and typical Tuscan food accompanied by excellent wines of this area of Italy.

The historic center of Florence is divided in two by the Arno river that separates the left bank called Oltrarno from the right which is the part on where the city was founded originally. In Oltrarno there are neighborhoods that have preserved the typical features and the tradition of the Old Florence. In this area you can still find the ancient craft shops and traditional Florentine trattorias with their old recipes always very popular with visitors of Florence. Oltrarno is also the area that is home to much of the nightlife of the historic center of Florence, with many clubs of all kinds in with people who eat and drink at night.

The right side of the city is the place where reside sites and famous landmarks like Piazza del Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery, the Academy and many others, a so important artistic heritage to be nominated by Unesco World Heritage Site. This part of Florence is also the one where you find the most luxurious streets of the city where you can find boutiques and the most famous brands, which have chosen to open their shops in this prestigious city known worldwide for its history and its artistic beauty.

A famous place in Florence located exactly between the two banks of the Arno River is Ponte Vecchio, a fascinating place that over the time has become one of the most popular and visited symbols of Florence. The feature that stands out immediately by visiting Ponte Vecchio and its structure is not limited to being just a bridge but a real old world street.

On either side of the Ponte Vecchio there are buildings of several floors on the ground floor are home to the famous goldsmith shops in Florence, that still work and produce unique jewelry using the traditional techniques of the Florentine goldsmith.

Susanna Mantovani is an expert connoisseur of the historical center of Florence, where she works daily as organizing of Florence tours. Her passion for art and ability to speak several languages making she one of the best tourist guides to discover the many masterpieces of Florence.

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