We All Fear Cancer Because We Know It Is A Killer

Slow or fast cancer in cats and dogs is for the most part a death sentence. Or is it?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved the use of Injectable Acemannan Immunostimulant as an aid in the treatment of firbrosarcomas (i.e. aberrant cells) cancer in dogs and cats. The fascinating fact is that intravenously or orally the Acemannan molecules are absorbed into the body of your dog or cat so that it reaches all organs, including the brain, and spinal fluid. A scientific study was done which reveals how acemannan is distributed within the body of two beagle dogs.

A comparison was made between IV (intravenous) and oral administration and absorption. This study measured the concentration of acemannan molecules that were absorbed into the pancreas, spleen, kidney, heart, thymus, liver and brain. More acemannan is absorbed by the brain when it is given orally.

The body digests the acemannan molecules and absorbs them through the intestines into the blood where they travel throughout the body and are absorbed and used by every cell and organ of the body. You can see less of the acemannan molecules are absorbed by the brain when it is administered intravenously. What this tells me is that Mother Nature knows exactly what she is doing when allowed to function naturally. Nature has provided mechanisms to utilize molecules like acemannan to support the body to maintain health in its structure and function. It is truly amazing that the acemannan molecules are digested and passed through the wall of the intestines into the blood where it is distributed to the organs of the body. That's why and how it reaches all parts of the body and helps to support the structure and function of the body to defeat disease such as cancer in cats and dogs.

A balanced digestive system supporting a highly functioning immune system is so important to your dog or cat to maintain health so that it can be all it is can be.

Healthy, happy and energetic so the love you and your dog or cat share is a lasting relationship of joy, playfulness of many years, as it should be. It might seem like something magic has happened when a dog or cat has a spontaneous remission of cancer or other serious disease. It is not a miracle or just a lucky occurrence when a dog or cat beats cancer or any disease. It is generally the result of a highly efficient digestive and immune system working to recognize the invader (cell to cell communication) supporting the body to do what it was designed to do.

A strong immune system eliminates 'non self' invaders that cause disease, suffering and death, and maintain the healthy structure of the body for normal function. Scientific studies have demonstrated that certain cancers express very unique characteristics that are unlike normal cells. A strong immune system that is functioning as it should is able to recognize these abnormal cells. These immune cells in the dog or cat communicate to recruit other cancer fighting immune cells to play a major role in destroying and killing off of the cancer cells.

Acemannan supports and enhances the natural structure and function of the immune system. The realization of this effect may allow us to approach the management of cancer in dogs and cats in a brand new way with no toxicity or adverse side effect. Early detection is the key! Acemannan is important as a daily supplement for your dog or cat so that early detection of cancer cells by a healthy immune system may head off a major health crisis like cancer in your dog or cat.

Treatment of disease is so costly, (both financially and emotionally) compared to using the right dietary supplement to maintain a healthy digestive and immune system that may prevent disease in the dog or cat you love.

Acemannan in the Aloe Vera plant can greatly improve your cats or dogs life. Acemannan is useful to boost your pet's immune system, increase stamina, improve mood swings and add longevity. Our website offers useful information on PetsAloe - a highly affective product containing acemannan for your pets.

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