Wedding Invitation Envelopes - A Bride's Guide

An envelope is just an envelope, right? Wrong. When it comes to wedding invitation envelopes, even the most excited bride-to-be can find herself scratching her head when it comes to assembling the invites. What goes where, and why? This guide will help you figure it all out and give you time-saving tips for assembling wedding invitation envelopes.

Outer envelope

This is the workhorse of the wedding invitation envelopes. Used as the outermost piece of the invite, it gets the stamp, the guest address and the return address. Since it's protecting everything, it doesn't matter if the post office bangs it up a bit. For a classy touch, these envelopes can also be closed with a seal, which can feature a simple motif that reflects the ceremony theme, such as a seashell for a beach wedding. Seals can also be customized with the initials of you and your future spouse. Find seals through an online marriage invitation specialist.

When it's time for mailing, some brides take them to the post office and request they be hand stamped rather than run through the postage machine. This not only gives a more vintage feel to the outer envelope, it also helps protects it from the smears and snags of a machined postmark.

While the outer envelope might seem like a lot of work, it actually has its roots in etiquette. According to Emily Post experts, this tradition likely goes back to a time when invitations were hand delivered to guests. The envelopes were left unsealed to make it easy for invitees to open the package. When bride began to use the mail for delivery, the envelope were simply inserted into a larger envelope that was able to withstand the rigors of bulk postal service.

Inner envelope

This part of the wedding invitation envelopes package is not sealed and holds the invitation as well as additional material, such as the response card and envelope and the map card. The name of each guest is written on the outside and then it's placed inside the outer envelope.

Trendy brides are substituting the inner envelope with a pocketfold-style envelope. This style is much like a folder. When opened, it reveals the invitation and a pocket that holds the enclosure cards.

Time-saving tips for wedding invitation envelopes

Typically the bride--with a little help from family or bridesmaids--addresses the wedding invitation envelopes herself. If your handwriting has the quality of low-grade chicken scratch, however, consider hiring professional calligrapher to do the work for you. Online wedding printers also offer address printing services for a fee.

Want to avoid a nasty paper cut on your tongue? Perhaps the taste of envelope glue makes you retch? Maybe you just don't have time to add an extra step? Whatever the reason, you might want to order wedding invite envelopes that have an adhesive flap. Simply pull off the removable strip and press the envelope closed. It's so easy you could ask your preschool cousin to help.

So as you start the invite ordering process, don't feel overwhelmed by all the parts of wedding invitation envelopes. After assembling the first few pieces, you'll be an envelope expert.

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