Wedding Invitation Samples - 4 Reasons You Need To Use Them.

You've likely tried on the perfect dress and tasted the perfect cake, but have you had held the perfect wedding invite? If, like many brides, you've chosen to order wedding invitation designs through an online specialist, chances are you haven't held an invitation in your hand yet. Here are four reasons smart brides should order sample wedding invitations:

1. Get a feel for things - Professional-quality online images can't always convey how a wedding invite will physically feel. By ordering an example of the invite, you can judge for yourself the weight of the paper as well as the quality of embellishments, like ribbons or charms. Some online specialists typically send blank samples of wedding stationery, but, if possible, ask for a printed sample to make sure the company uses high-quality printing techniques.

2. Make a good impression - A sample of the wedding stationery will give you a sense for the impression guests will get when they open the envelope. Does the paper say cheap or classy? Does the color say loud and brash or soft and gentle? Does the style say Toby Keith or Frank Sinatra? Because the design of the invite sets the stage for your special event, it's important for you to know exactly what you're getting from an online wedding invite store.

3. Find out how much work they'll be - Samples of wedding invites can clue you in to how much work is in store for you. While this usually isn't an issue for plain text invitations, more elaborate invites might require a bit of hands-on attention. From tying ribbon belts to gluing flowers onto wrappers, the sample will tell you if the wedding invitation designs you've fallen in love with will be more trouble than they're worth. Some online wedding invite suppliers will do the crafty work for you. And although they'll likely charge a fee, the time you'll save can make it money well spent.

4. Make a good investment - Don't spend a week's salary (or more) on wedding invitation designs with the same quality as a junk mail postcard. Printing invites costs from under $2 each for DIY kits to $10 or more each for high-quality custom pieces from a print shop. Sample wedding invitations will give you a good sense of exactly what you're spending your hard-earned dollars on. As you hold the sample of the stationery in your hands, ask yourself "Will I be getting what I'm paying for?" If the answer is "yes," it's time to place an order.

So before you commit a chunk of your budget to any designs, be sure to ask for sample wedding invitations.

Rose Watson reviews wedding invitation sites to help you find the perfect wedding invitations. For the low down on sample wedding invitations from a range of suppliers, go to:

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