What A Private School Can Offer

If the results of a recent survey are to be believed then more parents than ever would choose a private school for their child if they could afford it. The survey of more than 2000 parents, carried out by the Independent Schools Council, found that 57% of parents agreed with this statement, which was an increase on a level of 54% in 2011 and 51% in 1997.

Indeed, private schools are increasingly a popular choice for parents wanting the best possible education for their children. There are now approximately 2600 private schools in the UK that collectively educate 7% of all British children. However, with annual fees ranging from anywhere between £12,000 and £20,000, and with additional costs for uniform, trips etc, a private education does not come cheap.

However, for many parents the benefits of a private school are worth the fees and any sacrifice that may need to be made for their child to attend. Reasons stated by parents in the above survey for choosing a private school included "having a better start to life", a higher standard of education, smaller class sizes and improved discipline in private schools.

The smaller class sizes in particular enable pupils to feel part of a close-knit community and therefore likely to feel more confident about contributing. The teachers are able to get to know the students on a more personal level and no student 'slips through the net' when it comes to being supported to reach their full potential. The extra-curricular activities and clubs offered are wide-ranging and a great complement to the academic activities undertaken by pupils.

It goes without saying that exam results from private schools are consistently excellent and pupils tend to leave with better grades than they would have done from a state school. The schools are exam-focussed and applications to Oxbridge universities are considered normal.

Indeed, even after leaving a private school and university the benefits of a private education are evident. The connections and network for a successful career are cemented at a private school. Recent research has also found that privately-educated workers earn almost £200,000 more between the ages of 26-42 than their state-educated counterparts. They are also more likely to gain the top jobs with a survey of UK graduates showing that those who were privately educated privately educated males were up to 10% more likely to land top jobs than those with the same grades from the same university but with a state education.

A private education is more than just academic success and it may be these additional life-changing benefits that make you feel like tipping the balance towards a private education for your child.

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